Award-Winning TV Reporter Christina Nicholson Launches Public Relations Firm from Home Office

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Christina Nicholson, Founder of Media Maven

Christina Nicholson didn’t want to spend her mornings rushing her kids off to daycare, sitting in rush hour traffic, and dealing with a micromanaging boss to make someone else money. After working as an award-winning TV reporter and anchor for 10 years, she left the news business, and started her home-based business, Media Maven.

“I stood in hurricanes, toured the Versace Mansion, interviewed David Beckham, and much more,” the Coral Springs, Florida mompreneur says. “I met great people and learned so much more than I ever thought was possible, but it’s very demanding, cutthroat, and not family friendly. I didn’t want to sit outside of a crime scene on Christmas morning anymore.”

In July 2015, she launched Media Maven, a full-service public relations firm specializing in media relations, media training, video production, social media marketing, writing and blogging. “The part I liked about reporting was the storytelling.” Nicholson says. “Now, I help businesses grow by finding stories to tell that promote their brand.”

For Nicholson, promoting her home-based business is easy. What she does for her clients, she does for herself—telling her story and sharing her expertise through the media, videos, blogs and social media.

Nicholson shares that her best business achievement is the same as her clients—big media hits, like Today, The Rachael Ray Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others. “I also love creating videos for clients and hearing such a positive reaction after they see what I put together,” she says. “I work mostly on referrals from other clients and that’s the best compliment!”

The mompreneur loves that she can take a 10-minute break to do laundry, take her daughter to swimming lessons at 4:30pm, and start working a couple of hours earlier than if she worked at an office, because at home, pajamas and messy buns are okay!

As a small business owner herself, Nicholson understands the task of cutting costs and wearing many hats. For this reason, she has launched Master Your PR. Master Your PR is an online course created just for entrepreneurs who want great public relations for their brand, but can’t afford to hire a firm. In Master Your PR, Nicholson teaches business owners everything she knows, step-by-step, to do exactly what she does for a fraction of the cost. For more information, visit and