Success Tips in Network Marketing

Recipe for a network marketing business in 2017

Write down your goals and review them daily

Successful people in all walks of life and work not only have goals, they also write them down and review them daily. Making written goals keeps the “why” of the network marketing business up in front of your face. Written goals assist in keeping you focused, help you get through difficult times, and are more “real” and concrete.

Listen to your marketing prospects

Focus on what the other person is saying, and ask more marketing questions. Giving people the right information is important, even empowering in a business. Helping them discover what’s right empowers them 100 times more.

Acknowledge your actions instead of your results

Your actions create results in business. So it makes sense that continuous action — what we call being “proactive” — will generate more and greater results. By acknowledging our marketing actions, we give ourselves — and others — positive reinforcement. We build a pattern of success.

Say only things that champion people, companies, and causes

This generates positive word-of-mouth business and will attract people to your network marketing business like a powerful magnet. Being known as a man or woman of your good word is something you can put right in the bank — and the interest it earns is both residual and powerful.

Return people’s phone calls, follow through, and keep your agreements

These actions are both business professional and duplicatable — the kind of actions you want to encourage your distributors to model. Imagine how powerful your organization would be if everyone in it could be counted on to do what they said they would? Honoring your intention to make and keep your marketing promises is an almost 100 percent guarantee of success in a network marketing business.

Set a limit on your phone time

This increases your effectiveness and reduces your phone bill, too — a classic win-win. Busy people appreciate being concise and to-the-point.

Just say “No”

Building your network marketing business can be a very busy enterprise. Many of us have a tendency to over-commit in business. Learning how and when to say “No” is a solid expression of what it takes to run your network marketing business in the most efficient and effective manner. And, it will also help to promote your distributors rising up to take responsibility for their own marketing success.

Do one thing at a time

Focus is vital for your marketing success. Many of us split our focus: writing notes or organizing while on a phone conversation, having two conversations at once, and the frequent trap of the home-based business person — being torn between family and work.