Social Networking Entrepreneur Joel Schwartz Brings Back Verbal Communication with the Vocal Networking App

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Joel Schwartz, Founder of

It’s not every day that a developer launches an app that truly changes the way people connect with each other, especially with today’s over-reliance on nonverbal communication methods like texting. However, social networking entrepreneur Joel Schwartz did just that. Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, a time when phone calls and in-person meetings were the only ways to connect with each other, Schwartz knew that today’s social media world was in need of verbal communication. He solved this issue in 2013 with, the first social networking app based on vocal conversations!

After realizing the interpersonal detriments of nonverbal communication via texting, instant messaging, and social media comments, Schwartz invented and introduced to the market the first and only verbal talking network app to bring back the power of deeper, one-on-one verbal conversations. Since its launch, the Parlor app exploded in popularity and now has 2.4 million total downloads and over 450K monthly users!

Over the last three years, Schwartz has managed many aspects of from the comfort of his own home. This helps to bridge the gap between his work life and his responsibilities as a dad to young kids. To maximize productivity, growth, and company morale, Schwartz says he maintains positive and personal relationships with all of his core team members. According to Schwartz, working from home also amplifies the efficiency of his business: “With most of our team being developers who prefer to work remotely, the travel time it takes to get to the office isn’t time well spent if you’re the only one showing up,” Schwartz says.

Another way Schwartz and the team increase productivity and development is by staying up-to-date with the latest in their industry. “Consistently reading about the latest tools that startups use and discussing new software and technologies with my team helps us think up new ideas and ways to be more productive,” Schwartz says. “To be truly creative and ahead of the app game, we also focus on making innovations fast, fun, and workable.”

With 2.4 million users, the Parlor app has already experienced immense success. However, Schwartz has one clear goal for the next year: “Our biggest achievement has yet to come as we march ahead to our goal of reaching 100 million users in 2017.” Visit