Customer Service Skills That Will Prolong Your Company

Any company wants to live on, not collapse. Anything that has to live has to be nurtured and while the company runs on, it has to be healthy. The health of the company is in how it prospers and how customers perceive it. The customer needs to be satisfied with the services offered by the company, while the company owners and the employees too have to be satisfied with the benefits they get from it. The employees’ satisfaction will determine the quality of services they will offer the customers while their natural qualities will also contribute to it.

  • Recruitment

The company should know what type of employees to put in which positions. Some will be in direct physical contact to customers while others will be indirect, working at the back. It is a good combination to have both educational qualifications where it is needed and naturally be the type of person who can interact with both fellow workers and customers. Getting along with employers, fellow workers and customers makes the working conditions favorable. Should there arise a problem, there should be those who can bring understanding between the people. If you have a business from home, first find a setup that you find comfortable from where you live (for instance my early post college years were spent in Washington as I worked as a consultant), to where you setup your home office, etc. If you have a home business and need customer support make sure you recruit and hire employees that match your values, goals and vision for the company. Place shouldn’t matter as long as it is a comfortable work zone that allows you and your team to be productive and happy.

  • Communication

A customer is anyone requiring your services and is ready to pay for them. They may come from different cultures and speak different languages. They will include new ones yet to come, those who have already come and those who will keep coming back. They will come from different cultures and some will speak foreign languages, but there are sites on the internet that translate when necessary. The employees should have knowledge and skills of using new technology so that translation is not a problem. If you are efficient and faster than the customer in carrying many of these tusks that nowadays almost anyone could do, they would appreciate your service.

  • Fixing technical problems

These problems come now and then and no one has time to waste waiting for a hanging computer. Machines used should be up to date, yet still, if any problems arise, they should be one qualified enough to solve them fast. Even when it comes to data selling companies and how they connect to our daily use at home and office, clear online communication skills are required and the problem can be fixed without anyone having to move from one location to the next.

  • Enlightening Employees

A company needs a proper way of keeping, obtaining and passing information to run it efficiently, with dignity and confidence that quality service is constant and lasting. Important information should be collected in advance and kept in reliable files and the responsible employees briefed how the system works, how to obtain the information, so the question is, “what is knowledge management” and “what is knowledge management system”.

  • What is knowledge management

What is Knowledge management is a question worth asking and finding out, then putting into use in a company. It is the way of making sure all the employees have all the knowledge they are required to have in the level of their operation. Supposing a customer needs a service delivered and at the time they are dealing with an employee who doesn’t know all the answers required; they should be organized in a way that a phone call to the right person or a click on the right folder or link will give them the information they need. Refer to the link bellow.

  • What is knowledge management system

That is another important question; what is knowledge management system? There are many ways information is kept to be later referred to. Information should be best kept in a ways that it can be trusted even if it has to be retrieved after decades. This is by using a system with reliable software that has unlimited storage capacity, and having the skills to use it. The company would then use it to arrange all information in an orderly manner. Good software like Service Cloud is recommendable. Refer to the link bellow.

It is important to have skills of handling new software and machines. The company should research on or keep updated on new software to make sure it utilizes the best that technology has to offer always. There are after work classes, whether online or not, where employees can enhance their skills. This will be of benefit to them as they will be more confident in their work and a possible increase on their earnings.

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Robert Cordray
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