Filling an Online Training Void for this Home-Based Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Helps Businesses Grow Using the Web and Virtual Teams

“It’s important to continuously learn new things that can immediately impact the success of your business.”

By Home Business Magazine

As an overworked corporate consultant, Terra Bohlmann was burnt out. Outside of her day job, her passion was helping others who wanted to start or grow a business. She knew it was time to launch out on her own to help business owners grow their own businesses using the Web and virtual teams.

Terra Bohlmann is the founder of and creator of Virtual Team Building Boot Camp.

Terra started to provide online business training and solution-oriented coaching targeted to business owners who run their business from home. Creating a community was important to Terra, so she uses social media and blogging as ways to provide free business advice. Running her business from home was a top priority. Besides no commute, the top advantage was she could save money not renting office space to invest in the business.

Terra saw a void in the market to provide affordable, online training. The Working House fulfills the desire for business owners to learn, grow, and take their businesses to the next levels. Terra says, “It’s important to continuously learn new things that can immediately impact the success of your business. Just because you work for yourself, doesn’t mean you are by yourself. The Working House supports other business owners running their business from home.”

The Working House scours the best online training available for business owners to share with the community. She recently published a book titled “The Boss in Bunny Slippers” to give leadership advice to those who want to manage virtual teams from home. This lead to her signature training program, Virtual Team Building Boot Camp, which teaches business owners how to build their own virtual teams.

Terra promotes The Working House using the Web (social media, SEO, and online ads), speaking engagements, blogging, and attending conferences. According to Terra, “I teach business owners how to build their own virtual teams, so I definitely can’t take all the credit for my marketing efforts. I have an amazing virtual team behind me doing top notch work.” Terra has a desire to continuously learn whether it is from training programs, life experiences or other people. In the future, Terra sees as a popular community that connects business owners and provides one-stop shopping for affordable online training, services and products dedicated to help grow businesses ― especially those who work from home. HBM