Top 10 Business Challenges for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Position Your Business For Success in 2015

Improve information for decision-making by focusing attention on data management and analytics.

With continued market uncertainty likely on tap for 2015, organizations may find themselves facing 10 major business challenges for the year, according to Protiviti (, a global consulting firm.

According to Protiviti, the top 10 business challenges for non-financial services firms include:


1. Achieving customer loyalty;
2. Managing supply chain risks and rising commodity costs;
3. Managing increasingly complex privacy and information security issues;
4. Managing regulatory change;
5. Attracting, retaining and developing top talent;
6. Improving business performance to enhance and sustain competitiveness;
7. Adjusting to changing geopolitical dynamics;
8. Capitalizing on the pick-up in mergers and acquisitions and realizing value;
9. Improving information for decision-making by focusing on data management and analytics; and
10. Increasing the focus on enterprise risk management (ERM) as risk profiles change. HBM.