Startup Blogging Tips to Start Creating Buzz Around Your Brand

Because of limited resources and high competition, startups need to always focus on developing really strong marketing campaigns and a flawless web design whenever launching services or products. The problem is that it is difficult to build a truly cost-effective strategy as a startup. A blog is definitely something that becomes a necessity. You surely already know how easy creating a blog is but promoting a startup blog is actually quite complicated. Much can be said about the topic but the following tips should be enough to get you started.


Plan Content

A downfall of startup blogging is the ability to simply publish whatever, whenever. In order to be successful you will need to plan everything that you do for a long period of time. Before the blog is even started, it is a really good idea to properly determine exactly what type of content will be shared. It is really important to identify your target audience and then see what their problems and concerns are. After you do this, you will be able to offer content that is highly relevant and that will be of huge interest for those that follow you.

Spying On The Competition

You should never do exactly what the competition does but you need to be aware of what they do. Startups have to focus on innovation, on offering something new. If the competition is already planning to offer exactly what you are developing and they launch first, you will have huge problems.

When referring strictly to business blogs, you need to keep an eye on what the other blogs in the industry do in order to grow. Various online tools like SEMRush will help you to find keywords and you will even find new content ideas that would be highly relevant in your case, all based on what the competition does.


Don’t Be Shy About Paying for Exposure

It takes money to make money. This is still true in the age of ecommerce. You need to be willing to pay for exposure, which may mean that you will have to buy Instagram followers or pay for Facebook ads instead of relying solely on organic traffic.

Move Beyond Social Media Channels

Everyone will tell you that you have to focus on social media marketing in order to promote a startup blog and although this is true, you should never just focus on that. You want to find as many useful marketing channels as possible for your business. For instance, you can always take advantage of networking. Even something as simple as emailing the big sites in the industry in order to let them know about the free resources you have can work really well.

Try to find different channels that you can use to promote your startup blog. You will surely find something that is much more useful than what you initially think, something potentially better than social media.

Follow The Startup Blogs That Are Highly Successful

We have so many different startup success stories that you can look at right now. You will want to follow them in order to see what they do. Analyze the used angles and see how you can adapt the proven practices to your startup blog. Always be sure that you look at their link portfolios in order to identify some potential linking resources for you and simply see if there is something extra that can help you grow. There is a strong possibility you will find something new.