Home Business Magazine Gets An Inside Look At Debbie Durkin's RockNRolla EcoLuxe Lounge

Home Business Magazing Catches Up With True Blood Actor Gregg Daniel


By Shannah Carol, Publicity Editor for Home Business Magazine

When one thinks of glam red carpet Hollywood gifting suites, LA's leading sustainable TV/film product placement producer Debbie Durkin always comes to mind. With the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and the first installment of Coachella 2015 taking place this weekend, Debbie Durkin put on THE must-attend fête in celebration of movies and music: the RockNRolla EcoLuxe Lounge. At this see-and-be-seen affair, held at the Avalon in Hollywood on April 8th, Home Business Magazine and A-listers like Alana Thompson, a.k.a Honey Boo BooVanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie Shay, and True Blood actor Gregg Daniel mingled while enjoying exciting gifts and scrumptious eats.

Debbie Durkin always presents a vast selection of impressive gifts at her suites, and this EcoLuxe Lounge definitely didn't disappoint. Stars left with comfy and stylish Brazilian yoga jumpsuits from Shama Jade, classy and trendy accessories from STAGE Men's Collection, and modern jewelry with a vintage twist from Glamarella Junk. The big name attendees were also gifted with Glamping vacations to Moab and Glacier National Forest from Under Canvas, as well as goodies for celebrity pets from Camp Run-A-Mutt doggie daycare.

In addition to gifts and yummy eats, the guests also learned about important causes at the celebration. Choices Recovery filmed celebrity interviews (which were co-hosted by Star Trek star Chase Masterson and former NFL star Herman Moore) to create awareness about addiction in Hollywood. The star guests chatted on-camera about addition and recovery while enjoying their "Sweet Choices Candy Bar," courtesy of Infiniti Sweets. At the event, Letters To The Universe teens-on-tour also collected letters from celebrities to generate a connection with self, others, and the universe. 

Sugar & Spyked Was A Huge Hit At RockNRolla

Succulent eats, sweet treats, and refreshments were also a huge hit at the lounge. First off, everyone loved the customizable, alcohol-infused confectionery delights from Sugar & Spyked. Based in Los Angeles, the company designs dessert bars featuring decadent sweets "spyked" with your favorite spirit. Another big hit were the scrumptious burgers and fries from Fresh & Meaty, as well as award-winning beers from Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, which were served in sustainable tableware from Repurpose Compostables. While head-bobbing to the beats of DJ Mike Shay of Superbox Music, all of the guests stayed hydrated with premium spring water from Icebox Water (featuring eco-friendly BPA-free packaging). 

Other popular RockNRolla stops were for tattoos by celebrity artist Adam Daniel, Slim Chiller cocktails and alcoholic ice pops, and an eye-catching motorcycle display by Nash Motorcycles. The Hollywood stars were also ecstatic to receive make-up touches by celebrity artist Victoria Rowe and hair styling from Stephanie Martinez. In addition to fun and fab photo souvenirs from the Party Life Photo Booth, everyone received a swag bag chock-full of exciting gifts from Modern Oats, oxylent, Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center, the Daily Blossom Florist, fullips lip enhancer, and Healthy Traveler's Summit
Home Business Magazine Checks Out True Toniq

While checking out the brain toniq "clean and intelligent think drink" from True ToniqTrue Blood star Gregg Daniel stopped by to chat with Home Business Magazine. He was happy to discuss his experience at RockNRolla. 

"I really love the whiskey-infused treats from Sugar & Spyked!" Gregg said. "I had a cream puff that was filled with some sort of whiskey and it was so good, because you don't taste the liquor. You only taste the pastry, but you know the liquor is in it so you get the extra kick in there. Of course, I also love the Letters To The Universe booth. I was really touched by that. I read some of the letters from the people and they have such sincere, honest emotions and good will–God knows we can use it! The world is so crazy and so violent these days, so it's so nice to read thoughts about others and selflessness rather than selfishness. That booth was probably my favorite one." 

Gregg was also happy to discuss his experience on True Blood.
"True Blood was amazing! We had such a wonderful cast, and Alan Ball is such a genius. He wrote True Blood and also conceived 6 Feet Under. I couldn't wait to go to work every day. I never knew what was going to happen. I would think to myself, 'Am I going to get killed today' (laughs) I wasn't a vampire, I was a Reverend. I didn't know what was going to happen and didn't know until we actually got there. It was such a great experience," Gregg shared.

And what else is the talented actor working on?

"I am about to go to Dallas, as I am going to be shooting a movie called Jerico. It takes place in the Jim Crow south in the 1950's, but it is a comedy as well. It is not just heavy 12 Years A Slave-ish content, which was a wonderful movie as well. Jerico is kind of a lighter look at how the people got along and how the communities met. It uses a great amount of comedy," the actor shared.
While on the red carpet, Chad Roberts of Cougar Town also stopped by to chat about his favorite sponsors at the RockNRolla EcoLuxe Lounge.
"I really love the IceBox Water, because I am a very eco-friendly person. I love that it is made out of recycled paper and that the plastic is so reusable," the actor shared.
With it being Coachella this weekend, Chad was also happy to discuss his favorite artists and bands.
"I love OK Go," Chad said. "Some people might not know who they are, but I usually describe them as the 'treadmill guys' on YouTube. I love them and they're my favorite band. I also really like Fall Out Boy."
And what upcoming projects does Chad have in the works?
"I just finished filming Criminal Minds, as I will be on the season finale of season 10. Watch out for me there!"