More than a Quick Buck

Entrepreneur Successfully Created and Sold a Home-Based Business By Age 19

By Home Business Magazine

Jeet Banerjee created his first home-based business at the age of 17. Growing up, Jeet never received any hand-outs from his parents. Thus, he took his first job as a receptionist/project manager at the age of 15 and hated every minute of it. He finally couldn’t stand his job any longer and decided to quit and look for opportunities elsewhere.

Jeet Banerjee created a multimedia company which offered web design, web development, and online marketing.


Jeet wanted to find the laziest way to make a quick buck, so that he could go out and have a good time with his friends. What Jeet didn’t know at the time was how successful his home-based business would become. He created a multimedia company which offered web design, web development, and online marketing to businesses of all sizes. He obtained and closed customers sitting in his pajamas while he outsourced the work out of the country.

At one point, Jeet’s business had over 15 employees, all of whom he managed virtually from home. He used strategic marketing techniques through social media, directory listing sites, and search engine optimization to promote his business. His primary customers were small and local businesses on a shoe-string budget needing online help.

Just this February, at the age of 19, Jeet was able to sell his home-based business. He considers this to be his best business achievement as he works on new ventures. He says the best advantage of working at home was that it never really felt like work. He was comfortable, warm, and in an environment he loved. It gave him the freedom to work how he wanted and when he wanted, which resulted in him putting in more hours.

Currently, Jeet runs numerous startups and mobile applications, and he even recently published his second book. He can still be found working at home 90% of the time, but he does spend some time running to meetings and working outside of the home. Jeet’s long-term goal is to build a tech empire that can generate him passive income. Along with that, Jeet spends a lot of time mentoring other entrepreneurs and speaking at conferences around the nation as an advocate of entrepreneurship. For more information, visit HBM

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