Making the Transition From Employee to Home-Based Entrepreneur

Man’s Hobby Becomes a Home Business —Rebuilding Jeep Masterpieces!
By Mike Bowman

If you would have asked Adam Kickish what the cloud shapes looked like to him as he gazed out the window at work in 2008, he would have said CJ series Jeeps. His dream was to turn his hobby of restoring old Jeeps into a small business he could operate from his home.

While he had a successful career as a warehouse safety manager, his heart was beating entrepreneurial blood through his veins. The economy threatening his job security was one reason for entrepreneurial thoughts, but he had always dreamed of

The economy threatening his job security was one reason for entrepreneurial thoughts, but he had always dreamed of owning his own Jeep restoration business.

owning his own Jeep restoration business.

His hobby’s transition into Kickish Custom Restoration began with the year long restoration of a rusting Jeep shell. Over time, Adam had turned his garage into a Jeep workshop, but he still needed tools, parts, and materials. Managing restoration costs meant purchasing necessary items from individual sellers at discounted prices. Restoring his first Jeep into showroom condition was going to be a large job, but Adam loved the challenge. With this Jeep, he could demonstrate his skill to potential customers.

Adam started attending many Jeep shows and offered help and advice to others, who had questions about their Jeep restoration problems. The insights Adam gave for free led to paid work. With a limited budget, this money could be used for tools and materials for his showcase Jeep, the best advertisement of his skill.

Adam entered his restored, customized Jeep in every show he could get to. The free publicity was worth much more then the trophies he won. As more people approached him about his Jeep, he had lots of opportunities to pitch his business. He continued to give advice on restoration which led to much more paid work.


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Today, Adam feels that home-based entrepreneurship has given him a sense of resiliency and pride. Looking forward, he says that creating customized Jeep props for movies could be an option as well. Most importantly, Adam’s work in marketing his skills at Jeep shows and exhibitions has earned him enough referral business to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur doing what he loves most —rebuilding Jeep masterpieces!…. HBM

Mike Bowman writes on his website He discusses the benefits of small business ownership, reducing taxes, and getting more value for your money.  V17-6 Add: 1/11 HP: 11/21/12