Home-Based Business Mom Finds Hope For Lefties – A Home Business Success Story

Woman Entrepreneur Invents Product to Help Others Combat the Smudging Problem
By Home Business Magazine

Jeannie Lit is a lefty and so is her young son. He started coming home from school with graphite smudges on the side of his left hand, and Jeannie hated that! When growing up, she had the exact same problem in school, too. So Jeannie said to herself, “There must be a product out there that would solve these ugly smudges for lefties by now.” She searched high and low on the Internet to find the answer, but to her surprise…she couldn’t find any. As a result, Jeannie started her home-based business, SmudgeGuard. Her son was truly her sole inspiration for creating a product for him.

Before her invention, Jeannie was already a stay-at-home mom. She enjoyed being a mom and being able to witness each and every milestone her children had. The only thing Jeannie wished she could have done more was contributing an extra salary to the family savings.

According to Jeannie, her home-based business as the most wonderful thing she ever started. “I love interacting with my customers,” she says. “To get their loving stamps of approval of my invention has been awesome! And not to mention, the perks of a home-based business is fantastic!” Jeannie is able to make her own decisions, set her own works hours, eliminate the commute, eliminate a stuffy dress code, and most importantly, spend the extra time needed with her children.

Jeannie promotes her home-based business by providing the best customer service she can give. Jeannie depends solely on word-of-mouth to promote by web site www.SmudgeGuard.com. “A happy customer goes a very long way!” she says.

Jeannie’s primary customers are now artists who use Wacom tablets. They find that her little glove helps their hands move more smoothly on the tablet when drawing, and they also found that it eliminates the ugly oily smudges on their tablet screens. 

Jeannie considers her invention to be the best business achievement. “It not only allowed me to bring in a much needed second income…but it also allowed me to help complete strangers combat the smudging problem, too!” she says. Jeannie also plans to add new products to her product line in the years to come. HBM 

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