Profitable Benefits of Having a Robust B2B Sales Process

Sales Teams Need More than the Typical Sales Pipeline

By Nikolaus Kimla, PipeLiner CRM

A sales process (or sales pipeline) is the journey sales teams take prospects on to encourage them to become a customer. However, sales teams need more than the typical sales pipeline. They need a robust B2B sales process. Here are the benefits:

1.   You can predict your revenue. If your sales process is repeatable, it follows that there must be an element of predictability at each stage. This predictability is invaluable as it can help you improve your forecasting accuracy and even predict your revenue based on the number of solid leads you generate.

2.   You can identify opportunities for improvement. Your sales process should be a flexible system that’s continuously being improved as a result of feedback and testing by your sales team on the ground. That way you can tweak and amend the process moving forward.

3.   You can integrate new staff quickly. Once your pipeline is clearly defined, the task of bringing on new sales reps will be far easier. Forget the ad hoc, disorganized learning process. Instead, they will have a clearly defined system to get them up to speed quickly.

4.   You have a process to manage and analyze. With a defined system in place, coupled with the expectation that everyone is following the same process, your pipeline instantly becomes easier to measure and monitor. People can be given specific targets, and key metrics can be identified and analyzed. HBM

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