Ensure Warm Referrals


Referrals are so important in the services industry. With a warm referral or introduction, the possibility of acquiring a new client is increased exponentially.

Referrals are often seen as part of your compensation for a job well-done. So why are we often slow to ask for a referral?

Understand that your attitude about your ability will determine your commitment to this process.

We are afraid to appear pushy or arrogant, or we might be inexperienced and unsure of how to ask. Don’t let fear or insecurity keep you from pursuing this important business method!
1.   Know what you want and where you want to grow. You want an introduction to people in the niche or target market in which you want to grow your business! This helps you to focus your efforts, rather than chasing every lead that comes your way.

2.   Always provide the person you are asking for a referral with a list of no more than 15 people you would like to meet. Develop this list based on the market your current client or prospect is active in. By focusing on specific names, you are demonstrating specific direction in your business.

3.   Have a clear plan in place to get introductions from clients and prospects. It might be when you close a sale, gain their account, deliver paperwork, or conduct a review.

4.   Understand that your attitude about your ability will determine your commitment to this process. It is impossible to succeed without relationships with others, and your attitude toward others will determine their attitude toward you and relationship with you.

5.   Always send a thank you note to everyone and anyone who gives you an introduction — whether or not the contact was productive. Showing gratitude for their effort will make them more willing to help you in the future.
    Acquiring referrals is an important lead channel to grow your service business — don’t overlook or discount the possibilities open to you! HBM

Source:  Richard Weylman www.RichardWeylman.com
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