Handling Turnover Transition

Turnover is difficult to deal with in any department or company. When someone departs, they usually do not leave a step-by-step list of duties behind for their replacement.

The downtime between the point at which the old employee leaves and the new person comes on is difficult, but it is actually the downtime between the old employee departing and the new one coming fully up to speed that is costing the company money. The key is to have a company-wide business strategy that combines people, business processes, and technology — such as intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software — in place to ease  Bthe transition.

There must be enough easily-accessible data about what the former employee was working on so that the manager or a new employee could pick up the important projects and make sure that they are completed. HBM

Nikolaus Kimla, entrepreneur

Founder of the CRM software, Pipeliner