Natural Disaster Kits for Small Businesses

Businesses need to start building their own emergency kit, and it all starts with building a Cloud disaster recovery solution. 

Depending on how damaging your disaster is, often you may find that the cost of replacing computers and on-premise servers is pretty much like starting all over again. Not to mention you’ll also have to replace expensive software and licenses, and getting your servers and machines back to working order will take more than just a few weeks. You might have insurance to help you cover these front-end costs, but your claim will cost even more in time lost. And if you lose your data? You either absorb the loss or pay for expensive data recovery, which can take a lot of time — and you still may only be able to retrieve partial bits of your data.

With a Cloud disaster recovery solution, your data remains protected and backed up on servers that are off-site. Check out SkyDesktop at HBM