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For those looking for a fresh new business opportunity, photo booth rentals is a hot new trend to consider. During last year’s recession, there were still 2 million weddings and more than $42 billion spent in this industry. Photo booth rentals are some of the least expensive items for these high-budget events that can provide unsurpassed guest entertainment.

    Mojo Photo Booth is a commercial-grade, portable photo booth that fits up to ten people. This turn key opportunity is a “one-person operation” that is easily marketable. A typical event, per the company, brings in $1,000-1,200 and uses just $20 in photo paper and ribbon — generating an impressive return on investment.
    Mojo offers a Complete Package for $5,795 that comes with everything you need to start servicing events including a 10+ MP digital SLR camera, studio quality sub-dye photo printer, high-performance laptop, 20” flat panel widescreen LCD monitor, and enough supplies to get you going. “This amazing concept will become a staple at every wedding reception over the next few years and Mojo Photo Booth is leading the way,” says Jennifer Stevens, Director of Marketing at Agency 312.
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