Stop Slogging Through the Day: Slow Broadband Width is Costing You Money

Regardless of whether you run a small or large business, you all have one thing in common, which is need to ensure that you maintain a reliable and fast internet connection.

If your business is trying to cope with a slow and unreliable broadband service, it is not only frustrating but it could even be making a difference to your bottom line. Using someone like Electrical Connection to sort out your fiber optics and broadband systems is one potential solution, and the overriding issue to consider is just how much money do you think that slow broadband width is costing your business?

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Employing a timewaster

There is absolutely no way that you would willingly employ a timewaster, but if you are relying on an internet connection that is way too slow most of the time, that is basically what you are doing.

Slow internet speeds are commonly cited as one of small businesses biggest time wasters, so in just the same way that you wouldn’t allow someone who was not pulling their weight to stay on the payroll, you will want to take steps to boost your broadband connection.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the average employee will lose about fifteen minutes of their time each day waiting for the broadband connection to load pages onto their screen. Multiply that lost time by the number of people working in the business and then add it all together for the weeks and months that you put up with this scenario, and you start seeing some serious downtime numbers, and wasted money paying people to be inactive.

A small business with just eight employees could conceivably lose as much as a full day of work per week, just waiting for their connection to catch up.


Greater efficiency

It is estimated that the retail behemoth Amazon could conceivably lose as much as about $1.5 billion in lost revenues as a result of just a one-second delay in loading times of their pages.

Understandably, you would not expect executives there to allow that to happen if they could help it, and the same logic applies to your business, however small. Time is money.

All the time you spend waiting for a page to load is wasted time, and if you are on the line to a customer and trying to process an order, it could get frustrating and costly in equal measure.


Many benefits attached to greater internet speeds

It is not just about the financial cost of suffering from a poor-performing broadband connection, there are also other issues to consider, including stress in the workplace.

The World Health Organization estimates that a cost of about $300 billion annually can be attributed to stress in the workplace. Of course you can’t blame it all on a slow broadband connection for sure, but if you are looking at a combination of factors that are contributing to workers feeling stressed, a slow connection is hardly going to help.

Just think how many times you have been on the phone to another business and been told that their connection is slow. You can quickly get frustrated as a customer when their slow connection is holding you up as well as them, which is why you want to do what you can to avoid that situation occurring within your business.


Cloud computing performance

There are a growing number of business users who use the cloud to upload and download documents that they need to see or use, and a fast internet connection will undoubtedly make using the cloud an easier and quicker experience.

There are believed to be a high percentage of businesses who have deliberately resisted the call to adopt the cloud as part of their working practices, purely because of the bandwidth requirements rather than anything else.

There are a number of perceived cost and accessibility advantages attached to using cloud computing, so you don’t want to hold up progress just because you are not confident in your broadband performance.


Improved collaboration

There are many potential advantages attached to investing in a broadband service that gives you the performance needed to enhance rather than hinder your business, and improved collaboration is one of them.

When you have a better internet connection, this will allow you share large files with greater ease and allow you to make use of online resources such as Google documents, with a greater level of assurance.

Try to work out exactly how much a slow broadband connection is costing your business, and it may prove to be the catalyst that prompts you to arrange an upgrade.