How to Effectively Manage, Buy, and Sell Businesses

Franchisor Mike Schaack Successfully Provides Business Brokerage Services

In 1999, based on the recommendations of a respected business friend and the positive results of his own research, Mike Schaack invested in Murphy Business & Financial, a premier franchise of business brokers located throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. Presently, Schaack is Regional Director for the state of Colorado.

He says a typical Murphy client is the original founder of a small or mid-sized business who wants to sell his business for retirement money, or expansion or for other reasons. The franchise’s brokers also guide and assist buyers in purchasing their ideal businesses.
While maintaining confidentiality, Schaack says his firm looks at the financial history of a client’s business and works with that owner to package it for sale. The firm markets its services through company web sites; mailings with telemarketing backup; and continual communications with potential customers.

He says the upside of having a home-based business is having the flexibility to meet clients when and where he wants; but the downside is that it is not a 9-to-5 job. “When working from home, you cannot ‘clock’ out and forget about it…because your business resides with you.”

When considering a franchise opportunity, Schaack says ask about the company’s success and failure rate; and then ask their franchisees if the company provides them with value-added services that justify the initial franchise fees. “To succeed as a franchisee, realize you are buying into the company’s ‘formula for success’ and be sure to follow it.”

In addition to being potentially lucrative, Schaack says a Murphy franchise offers an exciting challenge to any entrepreneur’s business, financial, and people skills. “I also derive a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing I helped my clients go forward with their life’s goals.” For more information, visit