80% on Facebook & 45% on Twitter – Is Your Home-Based Business Ready Now?

Survey Offers Valuable Insights

An increasing number of companies use popular social network sites. 80% of the American companies use Facebook, 45% have a Twitter account, 48% are present on LinkedIn, and 31% use YouTube. These numbers show that American companies have evolved further in their social media usage compared to companies in Europe.

Four out of ten American companies listen to what consumers say about them on social network sites. American companies are

Only 54% of the companies in this survey talk to and actively participate in online conversations with consumers.

very successful in answering questions via social media as 83% of companies indicate they always deal with questions or complaints sent to them via social media. Still, only 54% of the companies in this survey also talk to and actively participate in online conversations with consumers.

The survey showed that companies find it very important to be present on social network sites. However, this does not always mean their strategy in doing so is well thought-out. A mere 11% of the companies are integrating their social media approach into their overall corporate strategy while17% are currently mid-integration. More than 1 out of 4 (26%) of the American companies are not even doing anything on social media. HBM

This survey was organized by InSites Consulting, a market research agency, together with sample and data collection partner SSI and the translation agency No Problem!. A total of 1,222 managers and business owners were interviewed from companies (+20 employees). More info: www.insites-consulting.com– Twitter: @InSites   V19-6 Add:1/13 HP:

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