Inspired by Their Own Online Encounter

Husband and Wife Team up to Change the Dating Scene for Singles

By Home Business Magazine

When it comes to the idea of online dating, research shows that it is becoming widely-accepted as a popular option. In fact, according to Pew Research (5 facts about online dating, 11 percent of adults in America have used an online dating site or mobile dating app. Yet the idea of online dating, blind dates, or other types of firsts can leave many running for cover. That is, at least, until they learn about how a husband and wife team has created a new concept, Secret RSVP, aimed at changing the way people meet online, as well as in person.

“We know what it’s like to use online dating sites and to meet up with strangers. We understand the pressures involved and want to help alleviate that,” explains Jennifer Connery, co-founder of Secret RSVP. “Our new concept in online dating takes it a step further, is unique, and makes things a whole lot more relaxing.”

Jennifer, along with her husband Jason, met through online dating some 15 years ago. Now, they have teamed up to create Secret RSVP, a dating site that offers a unique twist that sets Secret RSVP apart from others: allowing people to secretly invite someone they are interested in meeting to group events. With Secret RSVP, people can join, post their profile, sign up for events, and secretly invite others they are interested in meeting to the event. Events with Secret RSVP can range from hiking to bowling, and everything in between.

Where the pressure melts away is that the person who is invited to the event doesn’t know who invited him or her. So they will show up to the event, be relaxed, have a good time, and meet everyone. If they hit it off with someone, they can go back to the site and exchange emails with one another. Being able to invite only people they are interested in to events also removes the random nature of events organized by other online social sites, such as speed dating, where meeting someone who is interesting is mostly left to “luck.”

“So far, people have welcomed this new concept, because they can relate to the pressures of meeting new people. Our membership is growing quickly every day,” Connery added. “Removing the pressure and giving people a chance to meet those they are interested in is a great way to begin testing the waters. You never know what it can lead to!”

Secret RSVP currently has members in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. As membership grows, fun group events and activities will be scheduled in each of these cities. There is no charge to create a profile, and there are no membership fees. The only fees that someone pays are when he or she participates in events, which usually range from about $20 to $30. For more information on Secret RSVP, visit the site at: HBM