Celebrating Comic-Con International With Pop Culture Stars

By Shannah Carol, Home Business Magazine Publicity Editor

Camryn Grimes of The Young and the Restless With Her Heartbeat MATCHMAKER Card.

Every year, tens of thousands of comic book fans and pop culture enthusiasts flock to downtown San Diego to celebrate Comic-Con International. This year, Home Business Magazine also joined in on the fun and attended Renee Simlak Productions’ distinguished Celebrity “Trilogy” Style and Gift Lounge.

Held at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego and sponsored by Veestro Nature’s Cuisine, the festive affair gave celebs like Camryn Grimes of The Young And The Restless and Kiowa Gordon of Twilight the chance to enjoy healthy eats, fun gifts, and everything Comic-Con has to offer.

At the Comic-Con gift lounge, Home Business Magazine and celebrity guests had the opportunity to sample Veestro Nature’s Cuisine’s tasty, chef-inspired plant-based meals that are delivered to homes all over the country. Founded by brother-sister team Mark and Monica, Veestro sets itself apart and above all other freezer food delivery companies by offering 100% vegan food that is convenient, healthy, and, most importantly, absolutely delicious! In addition to Veestro, guests also enjoyed Vita Coco’s 100% Natural Coconut Water, and 3D Cheeze Photo Booth gave attendees the chance to re-create their favorite Saga with 3D animated photos.

All of the attendees also loved the lounge’s exciting gifts, such as ivory + mason’s unique and expressive eyewear and Brush Buddies’ singing toothbrushes that make brushing fun. The Hollywood-loved Heartbeat MATCHMAKER dating service also gifted every “unattached” celeb with a consultation to their esteemed services. Meth!d Clothing also promoted their mission statement, “Where Meth!d is any Extreme Means!”, and Special Olympics Organization had a booth where stars autographed signage for a charity auction.

Celebrity event guru Renee Simlak, a.k.a the brains behind the distinguished Comic-Con gift lounge, chatted with Home Business Magazine about the event.

“Today’s event was extremely amazing and successful, and I am very happy with the turnout. Everyone had a fabulous time, because there was no pressure; it was a very laid-back outlet for all the celebrities running from Comic-Con panel to Comic-Con panel. The gift lounge gave them the chance to take a little break and relax, simply enjoy the moment, be present, and get fun presents!”

At the lounge, Home Business Magazine also chatted with Kiowa Gordon of the Twilight saga.

Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Holding Up His 3D Cheeze Photo Booth Photo and Vita Coco Coconut Water.

HBM: Why are you excited to be at Renee Simlak Productions’ Celeb “Trilogy Gift & Style Lounge?

Kiowa: “Because I love Comic-Con! I also really like the ivory + mason eyewear and the healthy vegan food by Veestro. It was also fun to get my photo taken at the 3D Cheeze Photo Booth.”

HBM: What else are you doing this weekend for ComicCon?

Kiowa: “I am going to a fun party tonight that I’m really excited about!” HBM

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