Are You Voting for Obama or Romney?


Hey, Home-Based Entrepreneur! Yes, You. Please Weigh In With Your Facebook Comments.

Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine.

Don’t be shy. Let us know what you think. Please go to the end of the article for either President Obama or Governor Romney, and leave your comment there. Or, you can post a comment at our Facebook page.

I would like to thank the candidate organizations for their help in building a case for “Who’s Best for Home Business?” I handled preparation of this Obama-Romney face-off to ensure we presented the candidates as objectively as possible on home business issues. The votes of home-based entrepreneurs will be especially important this 2012 election. Back in our 2004 presidential candidates’ face-off, I noted that election as the most partisan I had ever seen. Well, the 2008 election proved even more polarizing, and this year’s partisanship will be even more extreme. Only 6–8 percent of voters are undecided, with the rest firmly locked into either Obama’s or Romney’s corner.

Home-based entrepreneurs tend to be independents in greater proportion than the general voting population. So we will make up a larger portion of that small pool of undecided votes. I hope our presidential candidates’ article will help you to make a decision. There are a lot of issues that should be important for home-based business mentioned in the presidential candidates’ article, including overall home-based entrepreneurship, business climate, regulation, taxes, health care, and more.

The biggest issue I see impacting home-based business, however, is aggravate consumer demand (or lack of demand!). Unless strong demand exists to purchase goods and services, all of the other business issues you grapple with do not matter. A major factor in demand is falling personal income levels. Over the last decade, average per-person income and wealth have declined significantly. These financial impacts on the middle class in turn hurt consumer confidence and the demand that serves start-ups.

So weigh heavily how you think either candidate’s policies will grow the middle class and increase personal income and demand. This is a complex challenge, with no simple answer. Problems driving down incomes have been building-up for a long time, and will not be easily resolved. Please keep an open mind on the two candidates, too. Don’t be a single issue voter! Look at all of the issues that impact home business and other issues important to you. Single-issue voting is one of the major reasons why the United States is so polarized. These are important times, both for the future of the country and for the future of your home-based business in 2013.

Richard Henderson, Publisher, Home Business Magazine