Every home-based entrepreneur is, above all else, a sales person. Improve in prospecting skills. Plan a sales campaign. Learn the tools and tactics to be better at negotiating and closing sales.

    10 Tips for Finding the Right Price for Your Goods
    By Chip Averwater

    "Avoid costly mistakes with pricing and get ahead of the competition."

    Any business’s survival depends on finding the ever-elusive right price — that magic number that will get people to buy from them in an online-discounts-dominated market while still allowing them to make a profit. No matter what you’re selling, the "right" price to ask for your goods is never clearly defined.

    4 Common Problems and How to Correct Them

    U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars generating sales leads only to lose more than 70 percent of them simply because they don’t make contact quickly enough, according to one study. But that’s not the only way they’re losing out on opportunities.

    Let’s face it. Success in sales is 90% mental. Success in any type of sales environment depends on being motivated, inspired, educated, and pumped up to perform all aspects of the sales cycle—even the parts your readers don’t like.

    Savvy business owners are discovering that bartering is a great vehicle for moving excess inventory, attracting new customers, and generating barter dollars that can be used for advertising and other business expenses.


    By Chip Averwater

    Turns out your math teachers were right: You do need this skill to survive in the real world. And that’s especially true for business owners.

    "World's Greatest Salesman" Explains How Love and Honesty Lead to Selling Success

    By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

    "Never sell anything to anyone that you know you wouldn't sell your mother."

    Talking with Joe Girard quickly moves from a business conversation to what feels like chatting with your dad (or granddad, depending upon your age). He comfortably uses your name, offers sound tips, and exudes a sense of warmth nearly extinct in the corporate world.

    Price is Not the Reason Most People Buy

    Few strategies can drive sales faster than discounting. Conversely, "few strategies can destroy a business's long-term health faster than discounting," says Jason Marrs, pricing strategist and co-author of No B.S. Price Strategy with Dan S. Kennedy.

    How to Effectively Market a Service-Based Business

    In some respects, selling a product is easy. You have an item you can show and demonstrate to people when in person, and something you can take photos of for your marketing pieces. Even more important, your prospects can use multiple senses to make a buying decision. For example, they can hear the hum of the car’s engine…they can see the beautiful and vibrant color of the artwork…they can touch the clothing’s fabric…they can smell the designer perfume…they can taste the delicious baked goods. You have numerous ways to make the product “real” for your prospects

    Keys to Effective Phone Calling and Prospecting

    It’s been said that salespeople who avoid making phone calls have skinny children. Prospecting for new business is critically important, and for the majority of salespeople, it is by far the most challenging and stressful aspect of their profession.

    Pricing Strategy Considerations for Products and Services in Your Start-Up Business
    By Barry Thomsen

    Setting prices for your products and services in a start-up business can be real challenges for any size business. They are so many variables that go into a pricing decision that it's difficult to use the same strategy for everything. And if you do use the same strategy for pricing repeatedly, your competition will figure it out and use it against you.




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