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    By Cary Siegel

    The following are every dad’s three “must teach” principles in personal money management.

    By William J. Lynott

    Your bank may not be the scoundrel that some would have you believe, but don’t mistake it for your kindly old uncle either. Today's tough economy is causing banks to look for ways to take a bigger bite than ever out of your bottom line. Identity thieves are an even bigger threat to your financial well being. Discover 10 costly banking errors and how to keep them from chipping away at your net income.


    Here Is Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Credit And Credit Cards

    Over the last few years, Americans have been tightening their belts and paying down debt, but unfortunately most of the population is still struggling day-to-day because of the debt they are carrying.

    Being able to plan better than your competitors can give you a significant competitive edge in the market. Ford Motor Company is a great example.

    Ten (or More) Ways to Save $20/Week This Time of Year

    With all of the fun to be had in these warm months, for many families, living within their means goes right out the window by now. But if you want to reach financial independence, you must find ways to keep boosting your savings—even when fantastic vacations are calling your name.

    Here are five tips for institutions, traders and anyone else dealing with lifestyle changes and major shifts in their finances:

    Making the “Process” Less of a “Process”

    One of the first reasons many entrepreneurs list for starting their own businesses is to make money (big surprise!), but it is astonishing to see how frequently and easy it is to forget to invoice a client. We must remember that we are all human and can make mistakes, just like customers. Getting clients to pay invoices in a timely manner can be a gruesome task of its own.

    Steps You Can Take To Help Beat Your Bank at Its Own Game


    You need to make sure that you’re not being hit with incorrect charges, especially in this age of new and often “hidden” charges.

    Is it time for you to divorce your bank? Has the relationship been strained by your bank’s ingenuity in creating hidden fees designed to bolster its bottom line at your expense? Were you troubled by the most recent attempt by some banks to impose new and oppressive debit-card fees?


    The economy may be recovering, but some of the changes wrought by the Great Recession may be long-lasting. Anyone planning for retirement, no matter what their age, needs to take those changes into account.

    • Collateral: Lenders — usually banks — will want to know that the purchase in question is worth the loan. The purchase is the lender’s collateral, so it must have the potential to cover the loan if for some reason owners can’t. Read on to learn the other Cs lenders look for when considering applicants.



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