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    The importance of money is impressed upon most Americans as soon as we’re old enough to buy candy. But the importance of money management is an entirely different story. Think about all that we do to prepare children for the world; we fill them up with things we think are most important for doing well as adults and spend tens of thousands of dollars for higher education, but they never take a class on how to manage personal finances.

    Funding Post’s Phoenix Investor Roundtable to Connect Investors and Entrepreneurs

    Early-stage investors are coming to Phoenix and will be sharing their wisdom, as well as, their money. FundingPost, the host of numerous Venture Capital Events nationwide, is bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs.

    The elusive but enticing $100 start-up — consider it the Big Foot of the entrepreneurial world. Time and time again, wannabe entrepreneurs are told that the $100 start-up is possible. That by following the advice from this or that “expert,” you can create a business doing something you love, and all you need is a quick and easy $100 investment. This line of thinking has become so prevalent in the start-up world for that serial entrepreneur, and it absolutely must be debunked. There is no such thing as a $100 start-up.

    Here are five tips for people who want to feel more confident about managing their finances.

    There are many reasons for using an answering service. Cutting costs is one of the major factors in play. Several obvious costs that businesses can save on by choosing an answering service over an in-house alternative include no monthly salary expense, no paid vacations, no paid breaks, and no missed opportunities. However, once you dig in a little deeper, there are even more costs that companies can avoid just by using an answering service.

    The information provided in this article is based on general online research so be sure to check out all new tax laws and/or consult a professional.

    Advice on Troubleshooting the Tax System

    The following are some of the most expensive and common tax hurdles affecting Americans and offers advice on troubleshooting our tax system.

    Make More Money by Avoiding These Top Business Mistakes

    Chances are that you’ve read numerous books and articles on what to do to succeed in business. But often, knowing what not to do is even more important. In order for your company to make more money, be sure you’re not inadvertently making any of these top 10 business mistakes.

    By Doug Vermeeren

    Although we live in the richest and most advanced society the world has ever known, many of us say we need more money in order to be happy.


    By Gary Marriage, Jr.

    Millions of Americans have put away money into their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) throughout their professional lives, which the government encourages with tax-deferred growth throughout the working years, allowing employees to accumulate more money faster — but there’s a catch. 

    Taxing Times



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