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    The 80/20 rule governs all results, including profits from customers. When you sort customers by their profitability, this universal law predicts that the top 20 percent of your customers will generate 80 percent of your profit. Conversely, the bottom 80 percent of your customers will generate only 20 percent of your profit —and virtually all of your complaints. This means you should target the top 20 percent with a top market strategy.

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    Does your business have a website? If so, have you ever tried to find it via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? If you have tried and it does not appear at all, or appears well past page one of the search results, then your business’ website will benefit from developing a search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

    How-To Guides

    Marketing makes or breaks your start-up. It's that vital. Rohit Bhargava should know. He has made a career of marketing, penning the top-selling marketing titles Likeonomics, Personality Not Included, and, most recently, Always Eat Left Handed (ranked #1 in several categories on Amazon).

    Internet Marketing

    Eight Elements of a Successful Online Marketing Plan

    Whether you’re excited, apprehensive, or both, you’ve decided that the best thing for your business is to get tapped into the opportunities available to you online. But where do you even start?

    Internet Marketing


    Keep Your Business One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

    Marketing research is the process of gathering information about products and consumers which will help connect you with your customers in order to provide them with the products and services they want and need. Effective marketing research can help your business keep one step ahead of your competitors.

    How-To Guides

    How to Turn Dull into Dynamic!

    By Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE 

    Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you want to get a specific message across. Maybe you want your opinions heard at meetings, or perhaps you are giving a formal presentation, internally or externally. Anyone who sets out to present, persuade, and propel with the spoken word faces 10 major pitfalls. 



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