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    How-To advice on marketing a home business. Resources on marketing planning, direct marketing, publicity, advertising, internet marketing, networking, branding, and more.


    Proximity-Based Networking App Reach Offers 10 Tips for Success

    The proximity-based networking app Reach, connecting professionals in real-time through face-to-face interactions, offers 10 tips for this year.



    The 4 Cs of Brand Management

    By DeEtta Jones

    There are plenty of reasons to care about your brand, and high among them should be to make your voice heard: your unique voice. 

    Some of the most fundamental elements of a value-rich personal brand are reflected in the 4 Cs of brand management.



    How She is Creating a National Brand

    By Home Business Magazine

    We hear so many things about how marketing, leadership, and budgeting ARE playing crucial roles in launching and growing a small business in today’s ever-changing marketplace. But what about things like strategy and innovation? Are they just as important to a brand’s financial health and long-term growth?

    According to one of today’s youngest designers, the answer is simply, “yes!"


    By Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance 

    Each day, some of the world's largest companies take multimillion- and multibillion-dollar risks online — risks that could fatally harm their brand even though they don't realize it.


    Internet Marketing

    By Mark Satterfield

    Google loves sites that have new, updated content, which you’re providing every time you post a new blog. It also favors bigger sites, which frequent blogging also accomplishes. However, if you’re not following the guidelines that get your site higher in the natural search listings of Google and other search engines, all your hard work may be in vain.

    Internet Marketing

    Tips from an Online Video Marketing Specialist

    By Jennifer Santoro

    There are loads of marketing videos on the web now, and some extremely effective,” says Jennifer Santoro, integrative marketing specialist. “But there are plenty that just don’t work.” 

    Santoro offers five ways to ensure your marketing video will suck.




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