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    Achieve a healthy home-based lifestyle. Keep a balance between your home office and personal space. Stay fit. Better your education and improve your skills. Success stories from other entrepreneurs.

    Celebrity personal trainer and Pilates instructor Estelle Shaw founded Fitness Flower after having her first child. During this hectic period, she was having trouble finding the time to fit in a trip to the gym or a regular Pilates class for herself, and she knew that she needed a new regimen. It was during the 10 minutes she spent in the bathroom each night brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, “the most peaceful time of the day,” that she had an epiphany: Why not pair this 10-minute bedtime routine with some effective exercises?

    Husband and Wife Run a Home-Based Business, Island Style!

    Like most people, you’ve probably gazed at magazine cover shots of ridiculously beautiful white sandy beaches against sparkling turquoise colored waters and romanticized what it would be like to pack it all in and go live on a tropical island. Unlike most people, this family is actually doing it.

    By: Walt Grassl

    Ron was struggling with the challenges of getting his organization to perform at a high level. He had noticed that his coworker Susie consistently stayed within budget and not only met—but exceeded—her goals.

    Susie mentioned that she had been taking improv comedy classes for a few years and not only were they a lot of fun, they helped her overcome her fear of speaking in public and make a bigger impact in meetings.

    Susie explained to Ron five of the rules of improv and how following those rules helped her as a leader.


    Joe Courtney reveals 10 Secrets to Elevate Success, Monetize and Transform your Life

    Former NBA basketball player Joe Courtney announced the upcoming release of the hard cover version of“Life Above and Beyond the Rim”. Courtney has also launched a 10 week training program to accompany the best-selling book aimed at empowering people through his 10 principles to unlock and break through barriers to achieve success in business and in life.


    World’s First “Coaching” Movie On a Mission to Inspire the Lives of One Million

    The “Coaching” Movie, slated to be produced and directed in mid-2015, by the team of Body Language Experts Patryk & Kasia Wezowski, as well as award-winning producer Betsy Chasse, will showcase the inner journeys of five individuals coached by masters of various coaching schools while documenting the best coaching techniques for success.

    Mindfulness — being focused and fully present in the here and now — is good for individuals and good for a business’s bottom line. How can people practice it in a workplace where multitasking is the norm, and concerns for future profits can add to workplace stress?



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