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    Achieve a healthy home-based lifestyle. Keep a balance between your home office and personal space. Stay fit. Better your education and improve your skills. Success stories from other entrepreneurs.

    It's not often that the story behind a great product begins with nomadic warriors on the plains of Africa, but for Cooper and Kid's founder, Nichole Smaglick, that is exactly where the story began.

    Balancing Work and Home for Whole-Life Success
    By Ellen Schack

    Create and commit to boundaries that keep work and home life separate.

    Today’s driven success-minded professional strives to "have it all" — and do it all — with respect to his personal and professional life. However, all too often, this shotgun effort leads to disappointing results on many, if not all, fronts. The complexity lies in creating abundance in your professional life while still being able to relax and enjoy your personal life to its fullest.


    From cancer survivor to thriving cause-conscious CEO, Scott Petinga’s “what’s possible?” attitude makes him one of the top skyrocketing social-preneurs to watch. 

    Petinga has whole- heartedly adopted a socially conscious business model for his various business endeavors, living up to his philosophy--born during his time in the Marines--that “nobody ever drowned in sweat!”

    By Peter K. Studner, Expert Career Counselor

    Now that the job market is improving, more and more workers are hoping to make a career change. Here, Peter K. Studner shares advice about how to conduct a job search campaign while keeping your efforts confidential from your current employer.

    Tactics to Help You Turn TGIF into TGIM 

    By Peter K. Studner, Expert Career Counselor

    If you're one of the many Americans who live for the weekends and dread Mondays, you may think that it'll always be this way. Peter K. Studner begs to differ. Here, he shares proven tactics to help you breathe new life into your career and (yes!) thank God for Mondays. 


    Celebrity personal trainer and Pilates instructor Estelle Shaw founded Fitness Flower after having her first child. During this hectic period, she was having trouble finding the time to fit in a trip to the gym or a regular Pilates class for herself, and she knew that she needed a new regimen. It was during the 10 minutes she spent in the bathroom each night brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, “the most peaceful time of the day,” that she had an epiphany: Why not pair this 10-minute bedtime routine with some effective exercises?



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