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    A productive home business means a productive home office. Learn how to select space and then set-up and equip your home office. Extensive information on computers and office technology.

    Office Technology

    Your office computer goes on the fritz in the middle of a big project. You lose your smartphone and your contacts disappear. Or you’re away from your office and a client urgently needs an important PDF. Can you operate your business today if you’ve lost your address book, email, or calendar, or can’t access key client files?

    Product Reviews

    While relationships are fundamental aspects of the human experience, our dealings with friends, family members, significant others, co-workers, and superiors are often riddled with strife and consternation. To address this enduring conundrum, Van Moody — relationship expert, motivational speaker, and media expert — authored The People Factor (paperback, ISBN: 9781400205028, $16.99 U.S.).

    Product Reviews

    A new book, Planet Entrepreneur, published to coincide with the upcoming World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore, has highlighted the need for entrepreneurs to work with policy makers and world leaders to create a “New Humanism.” From energy to education, social needs to social media, a new generation of global entrepreneurs have the opportunity to fundamentally change the planet for the better.

    How-To Guides

    For Working Mothers

    Working from home has been a wonderful way for mothers to spend time at home while launching their careers. With the advent of technology, mobile, and the Internet, plenty of companies now offer the option of telecommuting full-time or part-time. Independent contractor mothers often set up shop at their homes as well. It is amazing what you can accomplish with just a wireless connection and a laptop now days. But let's face it. A home office is not what it is cracked up to be. Here are some solutions to common home office problems for the working mothers out there.

    Product Reviews

    You own a successful company, but have you planned for your future and the future of your business? Jane Johnson’s and Kathleen Richardson-Mauro's financial and planning expertise will guide you in Cashing Out of Your Business (available at Amazon.com).

    Product Reviews

    Money - we all need it every day and we never have enough. HOW you ASK for it makes the difference between having it and not having it. The first step is Know Exactly What you Want and with Numbers.

    Product Reviews

    Starting a home business from the ground up can be tricky. From drafting your business plan to turning your dining room into a new office space, you are likely to encounter a few obstacles along the way, but staying in touch with your clients shouldn’t be one of them. AT&T’s new 2-Line Corded and Cordless Answering System with Connect to Cell™ is here to help you manage all your calls on one device.

    Home Office Set-Up

    One of the great advantages of having a home business is having your own home office that allows you to be as flexible and creative as possible to help suit your working style.

    Office Equipment

    Properly Separate Business and Pleasure and Stay Out of Trouble

    From using emoticons to texting late at night, your phone can get you in trouble if you're not careful. Here are a few guidelines to help you properly separate business and pleasure.

    Office Equipment

    Don’t Set Yourself Up for Disaster

    I know when my home office’s decor is feeling a little too bland and familiar, the first thing I do to spice the place up is replace the wall outlet plates. I'm sure you feel the same way. What's that? You don't? You've never even taken a second look at your wall outlet plates, have you?



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