4 New & Novel Approaches to Guerilla Marketing

    Entrepreneur Emphasizes the Art of Advertising

    By Patrick Walsh

    Today, innovation in guerilla techniques is essential. From flash mobs to viral marketing campaigns, successful advertising requires new twists and surprising uses of old tools and strategies.

    Advertising entrepreneur Patrick Walsh shares some of the latest cutting-edge ideas, which – just like the “Mad Men” campaigns of old – are as much art as advertising.




    Home Business Magazine And Celebs Toast To The 2014 Emmys At GBK Luxury Gift Lounge


    Twilight star Jackson Rathbone and wife, Sheila, arrive at GBK Luxury Gift Lounge. Credit: Getty Images for GBK Productions.

    The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place on Monday, and Home Business Magazine celebrated with TV’s finest at the GBK Luxury Gift lounge over the weekend. This glittery affair, held at L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, gave celeb guests like Orange Is The New Black star Selenis Leyva and Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone the chance to peruse luxe gifts, sample indulgent foods, and learn about imperative charities.


    Your Marketing Diversity is Key

    A little Stitch in Time Will Reap Better Responses in an Online World

    As I study the home business market — particularly in the areas of marketing and advertising — one point catches my attention. No matter what your industry or business type, the Internet has made promoting your business not an easier, but rather a more difficult challenge.

    California Entrepreneurs Can Take In Scenic Sights And Explore Nature On Mountain Bikes At Snow Summit This Summer

    Trying to plan a summer family vacation but not sure where to go? There’s no need to waste your hard-earned dollars on outrageously priced cruises and airfare! One of the top summer getaway spots for entrepreneurs to blow off steam is just a drive away in SoCal! Snow Summit, located in Big Bear Lake, will give you and your family a weekend of exciting summer memories you will never forget. Home Business Magazine attended Snow Summit Media Day on June 14th and one thing is certain: a summer trip to Snow Summit deserves a top spot on all West Coast business owners’ bucket lists!

    Independent/Free Agent

    Along with personal computer use, the Internet is making the location of where work is done insignificant, and that location is more and more becoming the home. The Internet permits work to be done anytime, anywhere. Almost any job or business task in America's information-based economy can at least be partially done working from home. These competitive benefits of the personal computer and Internet are bringing about a new type of home-based entrepreneur — the “independent/free agent".

    The Social Age Evolutionary Workplace

    The 5 C’s to Recruit, Engage and Retain Staff

    By Kim Seeling Smith

    Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work over the last 20 - 30 years. However, very little has changed in how we hire and manage staff – which has led to low employee engagement and productivity and high employee turnover.  

    With any evolutionary process, a guide or roadmap proves invaluable. When your company decides to take the leap and join the Social Age, there are 5 C’s to adhere to so you can maximize employment efficiency and effectiveness, retain your staff and ensure that your employees are fully-engaged on a daily basis.


    The Three Biggest Business Plan Blunders

    By Robert Lee Hamady

    Right now, thousands of entrepreneurs are filling out online planning models to launch their startups. They will create impressive plans. They will then start up. And they will fail.

    Will you be one of them? Here are the most common planning mistakes that can lead you to the startup boneyard.

    Working Smarter

    5 Keys to Developing Personal Power

    Working on Emotional Intelligence Skills Can Open the Door to Achievement

    By Lynda Chervil

    Personal power is a core leadership competency that everyone needs to develop before they can lead others. It has to do with being able to lead yourselfWe can help harness and learn to use our personal power by understanding and working on our Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills.

    I ascribe the mixed EI model introduced by Daniel Goldman, a combination of ability and traits. Here are Goldman’s five main EI constructs, and my views on how each of us can develop them.


    Key Marketing Issues for Home-Based Entrepreneurs That Will Impact Your Revenue in 2014

    Don’t Overlook These Important Elements of Marketing in the “Social Media” Age

    By Richard Henderson, Publisher

    New entrepreneurs, in particular, might well have a viable product or service with strong market demand. Many then make the mistake of thinking they can just “hang out a shingle” and the customers will beat a path to their door — the classic “Pull” marketing error.

    Unfortunately, unless you discover the next “Harry Potter” series, you will need to “push” customers to your business. 


    10 Things MBA Students Can Learn from Infantry School

    Military Principles Significantly Complement Business Tactics, Says Straight-Talking Texas Entrepreneur

    By David M. Smith

    In many ways, the knowledge gleaned from four years of college does not compare to what a person can learn at infantry school, says successful Texas businessman David M. Smith.

    “Most students in MBA programs nationwide will never have that military experience, which is why I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into 10 essential principles.”

    Smith says the following aphorisms apply to both military and business endeavors.

    Working Smarter


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