Money-Making Trends for 2015

    Follow the Trends that Can Benefit Your Home Business in 2015

    By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine

    By putting these trends to work for your home business, you can gain advantages over your competitors, improve cash flow, and watch your business grow —making 2015 an excellent year.

    Social Media and Ecommerce for 2015


    Home-Based Business Owners Can Use Social Media and Ecommerce to Increase Sales and Productivity This Year.

    Home Business Magazine & Top TV Stars Attend The GBK Pre-MTV Movie Awards Lounge

    Home Business Magazine Gets An Inside Look At Debbie Durkin's RockNRolla EcoLuxe Lounge

    By Shannah Carol, Publicity Editor for Home Business Magazine

    When one thinks of glam red carpet Hollywood gifting suites, LA's leading sustainable TV/film product placement producer Debbie Durkin always comes to mind.

    Oscar Nominees Get Swagged With “Celebrity Swag Expert” Lisa Gal

    Hollywood Swag Bag Is Your Number One Company for Celebrity Product Placement

    By Sherilyn Colleen, Home Business Magazine Experts Editor

    Hollywood Swag Bag struck the gifting circuit with zeal for the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood this past weekend.

    Home Business Magazine received a complimentary bag that the talented nominees were gifted and were once again floored by the products included this Oscars season. 

    Find out why working with Hollywood Swag Bag can help create brand awareness and bring an increase in sales and stockists of your products.


    RHOC Star Gretchen Christine Rossi Chats Movie Picks & Projects At Choices Recovery's "Salute to the Oscars" Party

    Home Business Magazine Celebrates Oscars 2015 At Debbie Durkin's Star-Studded EcoLuxe Lounge

    OC Hair & Makeup Pampered Guests With Hair Touchups and Spray Tans

    Home Business Magazine Gets An Inside Look At Jayneoni's Pre-Oscars 2015 Luxury Parenting Gifting Suite

    Oscars 2015 weekend was an exciting whirlwind of exclusive Hollywood parties, award predictions, and gift lounges for A-list stars. Home Business Magazine had the opportunity to get an inside look at one of the most talked-about gifting events of the whole weekend: Jayneoni Moore's Pre-Academy Awards Luxury Parenting Gifting Suite. At this exclusive celebration, big name parents like actresses Nia Long and Constance Marie received luxe gifts from today's top baby children, and parenting brands. The event was a 


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