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Be one of HBM’s EXCLUSIVE Resource Channel sponsors, or sponsor articles, videos and other editorial content. Make a closer connection with visitors.



EMBED your advertising message within HBM’s quality editorial content. The most effective way to maximize response.

Article Sponsor Banner: Link your business and brand with editorial content at HBM Online! Your 120X60 Banner Ad is inserted at the top of articles for maximum visibility.

Sponsor Text Link: Drive motivated traffic direct to your product, service or offer. Includes Headline, two lines of text, and website URL link. Text flows around the sponsored link box.

Resource Channel Sponsor: Be one of HBM Online’s exclusive Resources Channel Sponsors. Only ONE sponsorship per channel (contact us for availability). Your company name and URL will be prominently branded to ALL pages viewed in the Resource Channel.

For Article Sponsors or Sponsor Text Links, you can order either Ad Impressions or Durations of Time.

Please contact HBM ONLINE Sales.

Ad Materials:

Article Sponsor Banner: Standard 120 X 60 Banner with URL Link. If you do not have a 120X60 banner image, HBM ONLINE can design one for you for a very low design fee. See the order form for details.

Sponsor Text Link (Format): 1st Line: Headline for Ad in First Line in Bold (25 Characters max); 2nd Line: Text description (30 Characters max); 3rd Line:  Text description (30 Characters max); 4th Line Website with link (30 Characters max).

Resource Channel Sponsor: Provide company name or headline and URL website link.

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