Resource Channel Sponsorship

Be one of HBM Online’s exclusive Resources Channel Sponsors (see list of Channels in blue navigation bar on left hand side of page). Only ONE sponsorship per channel is available. Your company name and URL will be prominently branded to ALL pages view in the Resource Channel.

Home Page Carousel: Each Resource Channel will be included in the Sponsor Carousel on the Home Page (click Home Page and scroll down center of page).

View a Resource Channel Sponsorship: View a Resource Channel sponsorship by going to any Resource Channel (navigation links on left hand side of page). The name of the Resource Channel sponsor (with URL website link) is displayed in the upper right hand corner, to the right of the name of the Resource Channel.

Format of a Resource Channel Sponsorship: The name of the Sponsor is inserted in, that is linked to sponsor’s website. In the Home Page Sponsor Carousel, the Sponsor’s image is included along with a URL website link.

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