Newsstand & Print Subsciptions

Newsstand/Magazine Rack & Print Subscriptions

Home Business Magazine (HBM) has been a newsstand leader since 1994. Newsstand circulation is the highest quality print circulation available. Curtis Circulation, the world’s largest circulation company, manages HBM’s newsstand circulation. HBM invests in newsstand promotional programs to increase single copy sales and brand awareness. HBM also pays Retail Display Allowance (RDA) to increase distribution into thousands of retail outlets each issue.

CIRCULATION OBJECTIVE for Newsstand/Magazine Racks: Circulation number is an estimated figure for the upcoming issue, and will vary issue to issue. HBM’s primary circulation objective is to provide the highest quality magazine rack and newsstand distribution. Figures are adjusted each issue by the circulation company (Curtis) to maximize both market penetration and sell-through efficiency, based upon changing demand and available magazine rack space. HBM’s goal each issue it to circulate the maximum number of copies on the newsstand that “the market will bear.”

Print Subscriptions

Newsstand print circulation is augmented by paid print subscribers and promotional mailings. Subscriptions are managed and fulfilled by Publicaton Fulfillment Services Inc. (PFS). Subscriptions are sold through a broad variety of direct sales (such as online ordering) and through dozens of reputable subscription agency sources. Over 95 percent of subscription go to U.S. mailing addresses, with most of the remaining 5% going to Canadian addresses, and a small number going to International addresses where English is a first or second language.

As other magazines go out of print, HBM continues to target emerging newsstand and magazine rack openings!

CIRCULATION STAYING POWER: HBM has excellent demographics and “staying power” after sale, that keep advertisements in front of the target audience. Over two-thirds of readers save their copies of HOME BUSINESS® Magazine for reference after reading them. The publication also has an average of 2.0 readers after purchase. The magazine appeals to a broad audience, with male and female readers about equally split (55%/45%), a medium age of 40.3, 83.3% having attended some college, and nearly half (42.3%) have children living at home.

Responsive Circulation that Spends *

* The average HBM reader invests $14,100 in their business and/or home office.
* Home-based businesses and home office workers spend more than $25 billion on products and services (Wall Street Journal).
* Nearly all of HBM’s readers (95.1%) use one or more types of the major types of computer/electronic equipment in their business operations.
* 74% maintain, operate and equip a home office.
* 72.5% of readers contact advertisers as a result of seeing advertisements in HBM!

* Reader Survey of HBM conducted by ResearchUSA, Inc.
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