Can Mindfulness Raise Your Net Worth?

Mindfulness meditation sharpens your business sense.

Sitting down with the intention of stilling one’s mind and body is no longer the sole province of hippies and Eastern medicine aficionados. Nike, 50 Cent and the Marine Corps all embrace the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation do not exist in a vacuum; mindfulness meditation not only lowers your blood pressure, it also offers a host of other positives, including increasing business acumen. It sharpens your intuitive business sense.

By relaxing your body, breathing evenly, and paying attention to the present moment, you notice things you might otherwise miss. Paying exquisite attention is the key to staying real, and daily meditation builds that capacity. HBM

Stephen Josephs, Ed. D

Leadership Expert

Author of Dragons at Work

Co-author of Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery in Anticipating and Initiating Change