Display Ad Material Specifications

PDF File of Display Ad Material Specifications

Popular SizesWidth Depth
Full Page7″10″
1/2 Page – Vertical4-5/8″7-1/4″
1/2 Page – Horizontal7-1/8″”4-3/4″
1/3 Page – Vertical2-1/4″10”
1/3 Page – Horizontal4-5/8″4-3/4″
1/4 Page – Vertical3-1/2″4-3/4″
1/4 Page – Horizontal4-5/8″3-1/2″
1/6 Page – Vertical2-1/4″4-3/4″
1/6 Page – Horizontal4-5/8″2-1/4″
1/12 Page2-1/4″2-1/4″
1 inch2-1/4″1″
Full Page – Bleed8-3/8″11-1/8″
Full Page – Trim8-1/8″10-7/8″
Keep live matter 3/8″ from gutter and from trimmed sides.
2 Page Spread: Trim: 16-1/4″W x 10-7/8″D; Live Area: 14″W x 10″D

Display Ad Sizes:

Advertising Materials: 
Preferred display ad materials are a PDF file or other image file (JPEG, TIFF). Scroll down for further details on print specifications and computer files.

Submitting Ad Material Files:
Files less than 5 Megabytes in size can be emailed to advertise@homebusinessmag.com
Larger files can be uploaded online by clicking the link below and following the procedures.

Upload Advertising Material Files Online (files larger than 5 MB):

  • To Upload Ad Files Online Login at: softproof.ultragraphicsla.com  (Click SIGN-IN)
  • User Name: HBM_ADS  Password: public
  • To upload Ad Material: Click “Browse” symbol > Click the Upload Arrow symbol (curved arrow) > Click Browse button > Select File on your desktop > Click UPLOAD button.  File is then uploaded to HBM

For Instructions on How to Upload Ad Files Click Here »

Display Ad Graphic Design Services:
HOME BUSINESS® Magazine maintains a full service graphic design department to help you layout and design your advertisement, from minor edits to an existing Ad all the way through advertising concept development and full-service graphic layout and design:

AD SizeDesign Fee*AD SizeDesign Fee*
1 Page$400 – $5751/2 Page$300
1/3 Page$2501/4 Page$200
1/6 Page$1851/12 Page$160

* Fee is based upon text content provided by advertiser. Fee covers full Ad layout and design. Includes 3 rounds of changes. Concept development services avail ($85/hour).

Printing Specifications:

  • Printing: Web offset
  • Binding: Perfect bound
  • Screens: B&W or two-color: 100-133 line screen
  • Four-color: 133 line screen
  • 240 Total screen density on all flat tints and solids: %

We encourage advertisers to submit their Advertising Materials as computer files. This will ensure the highest quality of production. Home Business Magazine provides state-of-the-art technology to process advertising materials. The following are specifications for display ad materials

Computer Files:
PDF Files:

  • Hi-Res print-ready PDF files.
  • CMYK at highest resolution (300 dpi minimum).
  • All fonts must be embedded.
  • LW Res 2400

Additional Image files acceptable: TIFF, JPEG

QuarkXpress Software:

  • Versions (4.0, 5.0, 6.0 )
  • You must collect for output, ensuring that all images and fonts are included with the document

Adobe Photoshop:

  • Fonts or Type must be Rasterized.
  • HBM does not accept layered files.
  • All artwork must be flattened (no layers), CMYK, 300dpi

Adobe Illustrator Files:

  • Save Illustrator Images/Documents as Illustrator EPS files
  • Convert all fonts to outlines
  • Embed all images
  • Artwork must be CMYK

Additional Materials:

  • Laser Prints or Laser-Separated Prints are acceptable for Ad Material, but print quality will be limited.
  • Camera-Ready Artwork is acceptable for B/W or 2-Color Ads w/o Photos.

Materials Not Allowed:

  • For software programs not allowed, please generate a PDF file from the program and that file should be acceptable as ad material.
  • Files prepared with Microsoft Word or other word processing software programs.
  • Microsoft Publisher files.
  • Outdated graphics program files.
  • FILM no longer accepted.

Bind-In Insert Card:
HOME BUSINESS® Magazine can accomodate a full range of bind-in insert cards (BRC). HBM can either design and produce the BRC; or the advertiser can produce and submit the printed BRC card to HBM. General BRC print Spec’s:

  • 3/8″ high folio binding lap and an 1/8″ head trim.
  • Folded-Minimum (front to back): Low 3-1/2″ High 5-1/2″ head to foot 3-1/2″
  • Folded-Maximum (front to back): Low 8-1/4″ High 8-5/8″ head to foot 11-3/8″
  • For BRC’s produced by HBM, the typical paper stock is 7 point Hi-Bulk. Other industry-standard BRC paperstocks can be used.

Digital Edition: Bind in Inserts can also be included in the digital editions.

Polybags: HBM does no offer poly-bagging.

For help ordering a display ad:

Contact Advertising Sales Points of Contacts (Click Here)