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    Highlights from January/February 2015 Issue!

    2015 Money Making Trends. Set Yourself up for Success in the New Year.

    Home Biz Money-Making Trends for 2015. Discover the latest trends that will impact the world of home business in 2015. This issue covers the latest techniques, shared by a panel of experts, to successfully start up and operate a home business.

    Interview with Actor Ryan Reynolds. On his career choices, working with great directors, Hollywood vs. Canada, and his research for and filming of the movie The Captive.

    Make good career choices and be inspired with advice from actor Ryan Reynolds (photo courtesy of Rueters).

    Turning Parenting Dilemmas into Lucrative Inventions. Five valuable lessons one inventor learned from bringing her product to market.

    Create Momentum in Your Network Marketing Downline. Try the Fast Track to Success plan.

    13 Tips for Thriving in a To-Do List-Dominated World. Take back your to-do list and become the CEO of your life.

    The Uncle Sam Savings Plan: Why taxes are your biggest expense and how to get them under control.

    Interview with Paula Deen: A Recipe for Success. On working with family, finding new revenue streams, creating new recipes, launching the Paula Deen Network, and never giving up.

    Conquering Keywords. Six SEO tips to boost your blog views.

    Work from Home Spotlight: Getting YouTube Videos Ranked Higher In Google Search. Woman CEO launches a revolutionary video marketing technology.

    Paula Deen Bounces Back.  Her new recipes for revenue streams!

    Hot Home Office Product Reviews.


    And Much More!

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    Preview of the Upcoming March/April 2015 Issue:

    Improve your integration with the Internet, social media and E-Trends to grow your Home Business and make it more profitable in 2015.


    Social Media and Ecommerce for 2015: Get advice from the experts on successfully using the Internet, social media, and E-trends to increase sales and productivity in your home-based business in 2015.

    Life and business advice from the actress and producer, Drew Barrymore (photo courtesy of Rueters).


    Interview with Drew Barrymore. On marriage and motherhood, important lessons she’s learned in life and in business, stressing around because of certain things, the biggest influence that her husband has had on her, and her movie Blended.

    TAXES: To Deduct and Not to Deduct. 10 tax tips for your online business.

    Do You Live in Fear of an IRS Audit? 5 red flags to avoid on your tax return.

    Effectively Handling Customer Complaints. Turn unhappy customers into customers for life.

    J.D. Power’s “10 Things I’ve Learned In Business.” Learn from this automotive mogul how to get your best shot at success.

    Take Control of Your Company’s Brand. The 4 Cs of brand management.

    Running A Home-Based Business. Five valuable lessons that fashion design can teach you.

    Work from Home Spotlight: Persevering Post Football Career. NFL Pro Bernard Pollard invents and patents helpful gadget in ultimate end-game plan.

    Hot Home Office Product Reviews.


    And Much More!

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