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    Highlights for the Current Sept./Oct. 2014 Issue!

    Direct Sales Riches Issue! Start up and prosper in a direct sales business. Learn from the experts.

    Direct Sales Riches! Learn from the experts how to start up and prosper in a direct sales business (product business, service business, or network marketing business). Includes a table of different direct sale businesses and profile information.

     Actor Russell Crowe! On turning 50, being considered to be grumpy, his kids, religion, Pope Francis, faith, the end of the world, and his new movie, Noah.

    Do What You’re Good At, Not What You Love! Real talk for today’s job seekers.

    “Real-World” Advice for Generation Text! 13 workplace communication tips today’s young people need to know.


    Interview with Actor Russell Crowe, star of the movie Noah (photo credit: Reuters).

    5 Keys to Building and Maintaining a Powerful Online Presence! Keep your body of IInternet outlets vibrant, highly-functional and updated.

    Your Relationship wih Money.  Free yourself for financial and personal success.

    Success Story. "Rich Mom" helps others attain wealth working from home.

    And Much More!






    Preview of the Upcoming Nov./Dec. 2014 Issue!


    Start-up a home-based franchise. There are franchises available to fit every interest, skill set, and investment level.

    Franchise Wealth! Get expert advice and secrets on how to run a profitable home-based franchise business. Includes a table of 50+ home-based franchise businesses and profile information.

    Are You Ready for the Great Depression of 2030? Leading economists predict a grim future…and identify who the winners and losers will be.

    How To Start And Operate Your Own Bartering Club. Buy or pay for goods or services using something other than money.

    Interview with Actress Charlize Theron. On past serious roles, going into the unknown with comedy, playing a version of herself, being grateful for her life and career.

    Get into character as a Home-Based Entrepreneur with cutting edge advice from Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron (photo courtesy of Rueters).

    4 Things Businesses Need to Consider before Going Paperless. More and more businesses are passing on paper.

    Business Blogs That Work. Tips for building a successful one.

    Consumer Social Marketing. What’s in and what’s out?

    Difficult Coworkers and How to Cope With Them. It’s not difficult once you’ve spotted the behaviors.

    Work from Home Spotlight. Mom revolutionizes the travel industry and invents the Bubblebum inflatable car booster seat.

    Product Reviews. Hot home office products for the holidays.

    And Much More!


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