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    March/April 2014 Issue:

    Millions of workers are translating their education and skills to work-from-home as Independent Agents. Join Them!

    Independent/Free Agent: Join the millions of skilled workers who are translating their talents and skills into successful home-based start-ups

    Sandra Bullock Interview: Work Smarter with cutting edge advice from this Academy Award winner and Blockbuster Star.

    10 Ways to Lose Money in Your Business: Make more money by avoiding these top business mistakes. Your Business: Eight elements of a successful online marketing plan.

    Taxes: Reduce the biggest expense of you life. Bonus: Ten tax tips for your online business.

    The 8 Rules of Smartphone Business Etiquette: Properly separate business and pleasure and stay out of trouble.

    Top Reasons to Update Your Electrical Outlets & Wall Plates in your Home Office: Don’t set yourself up for disaster.

    And Much, Much More!

    Sandra Bullock: "Being the first person to be part of this uncharted territory and being locked into this kind of isolation, you had to remind yourself that no one has done this before and you wanted to make sure it works."  (photo credit Reuters)













    Preview of the May/June 2014 Issue:

    Sexy Start-Up: Make your business stand out from the crowd with these attractive, tantalizing and eye-catching techniques.

    You can make any home-based start-up Sexy! Article will help you to grow your business and achieve greater home-based success. The May/June 2014 issue includes a Success-Building Interview with Academy Award Winner Matthew Mcconaughey. Follow his advice.













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    What Are You Waiting for? Survey on the Spot Instead of Through E-mail.

    What is My Business Worth? Valuing Your Business.

    50+ Tantalizing Start-Ups. Information on Home-Based Businesses.

    Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary. One Woman’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Inspires National Business Success.

    There’s No Such Thing As a $100 Start-Up. Learn the Real Cost of Starting a Business.


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