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Small Business Leadership Summit brings more than 100 small business leaders from across the country to Washington D.C. to discuss pressing issues facing small businesses.

To Deduct and Not to Deduct

10 Tax Tips for Your Online Business

By Terri Seymour

For a lot of us, it is better to go to a professional to ensure we get the most deductions possible. But there are a lot of us who prefer to do our own taxes. If you are one of the many that choose to do your own taxes, here are some tips to help you minimize your taxes.

Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

Turn Unhappy Customers into Customers for Life

By Ron Kaufman
Handled sensitively, customer complaints can be catalysts for improving customer satisfaction and capturing new business. 

By using a customer complaint to uplift your service, you not only transform that shopper's experience from a negative one to a positive one; you turn him or her into an evangelist for your organization. Read on for advice on how to handle customer complaints.


4 Ways to Hit a Home Run with Your Home Business

By Jennifer Hutchison

What do baseball and business have in common? In life, we take many swings, but not all end in home runs. There are bound to be times when you swing and miss, but there are also times when you swing your bat and send the ball sailing over the third baseman’s head.

We’ve gathered 6 quick tips on what you should keep in mind when working to grow your business. 

Persevering Post Football Career

NFL Pro Invents and Patents Helpful Gadget in Ultimate End-Game Plan 

By Kern Communications

Super Bowl champion and veteran Strong Safety Bernard Pollard knows how to avoid disaster — both defensively and offensively. It’s a well-refined aptitude for safeguarding his team and identifying potential dangers and threats that led Pollard to invent and patent a one-of-a-kind lifestyle-enhancing, safety-promoting personal care product — the Smart Tray. 



Stop Waiting by the Phone

Three Steps to Take to Keep a Sale Moving Forward

Steve had a successful meeting with a prospect that expressed great interest and asked a lot of questions about his products, and told him to reach out in a few weeks about doing business when things settled down.

Steve called the prospect several times over the next month, but the prospect never responded. Steve, like so many salespeople, is left waiting and hoping that eventually the prospect will return his calls. How do you avoid suffering the same fate as Steve?

Home Theater Helpers Under $50

By Home Business Magazine, an industry-leading retailer of home theater-related solutions, spotlights budget-friendly products to help optimize the at-home entertainment experience.

New Infographic: Effective B2B Sales Processes for Small Businesses

By Aliana Marino

SCORE  – mentors to America’s small businesses, has gathered statistics that report on which sources are providing small businesses with the best business-to-business (B2B) sales leads and what percentage of leads convert to each stage of the sales funnel.

5 Surprising Strategies to Increase Business Productivity and Profitability

Counterintuitive Strategies to Help Business Managers and Owners Reimagine Their Company with More Meaning, Purpose and Urgency

By De'Andre Salter, CEO of Professional Risk Solutions
Maximizing both productivity and profitability in a business often takes out-of-the box thinking. 
Consider these 5 surprising success strategies based on common career and organizational views held by many business managers and owners.

Carousel to Help 'Demystify' Skype For Business with 'Pre-Ignite' and 'Post-Ignite' Webinars, Happening This Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday, May 14th

Roundtable Discussions to Feature Industry Experts, Hosted by Douglas Green of Telecom Reseller 

Carousel Industries, a leader in mobility, data networking and converged communications, is holding a two-part webinar entitled Demystifying Skype For Business, which will provide informed, detailed discussion of Microsoft's new Skype For Business platform — including what this means for collaboration, messaging, enterprise voice and Skype federation.



Benefits of a Flexible Work Schedule for Employers and Employees

By Andy Roe 

There are many advantages of a flexible work schedule, both for the employer and employees. And if you have employees working at other remote locations, or if you’re planning to hire soon, this perk can be a selling point against a traditional office environment. 

Discover the benefits to having a flexibility in the workplace.

Product Reviews

Masterfully crafted by Mark McClure, ‘Insane Marketing Strategies: How To Double Your Customer Base In Under 60 Days’ throws readers outside of the box, way outside of their comfort zone and light-years away from the stagnant marketing strategies that are stunting their growth.

From how to double referrals in just nine minutes a day to the game-changing power of “reverse marketing”, the strategies McClure exposes could literally make millionaires out of those who thought the game was up.


Despite the investment parents make in their children's college educations, most new graduates are not properly prepared to find a job. 

Career Coach, Author and Speaker Ford R. Myers provides parents with five sage tips to help these "up-and-comers" succeed in the world of work.


The 4 Cs of Brand Management

By DeEtta Jones

There are plenty of reasons to care about your brand, and high among them should be to make your voice heard: your unique voice. 

Some of the most fundamental elements of a value-rich personal brand are reflected in the 4 Cs of brand management.


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