Virginia Peninsula Young Entrepreneurs Awarded Capital for Start-up Businesses

Caleb Lafferty, an eighth grade student and “self-taught” computer whiz, won $2,200 in start-up capital March 25 after pitching his invention and business plan to a panel of prominent investors. Lafferty was among eight students who presented in the climactic event of the Virginia Peninsula’s Young Entrepreneur’s Academy Program.


The Uncle Sam Savings Plan

Why Taxes Are Your Biggest Expense and How to Get Them Under Control

By John Vento

Taxes — federal and state income taxes, social security taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes — can make up more than 50 percent of your overall expenditures. If you want to change your taxes from your biggest expense to your biggest saving opportunity, take a look at a few tips.

5 Ways to Ensure Your Marketing Video Will Suck

Tips from an Online Video Marketing Specialist

By Jennifer Santoro

There are loads of marketing videos on the web now, and some extremely effective,” says Jennifer Santoro, integrative marketing specialist. “But there are plenty that just don’t work.” 

Santoro offers five ways to ensure your marketing video will suck.


Four Easy Ways to Cook up Better Communication

You Are What You Eat (or Say)

By Jennifer Hutchison, Expert Content Specialist 

Communication also has the potential to end in triumph or disaster. While it’s true that anyone can communicate, like cooking, not everyone does it well. But that’s no reason to stay out of the kitchen!

In fact, you owe it to both yourself and your company to learn how to communicate better. 

Youth Service America Announces Global Youth Service Day 2015

The Largest Service Event in The World

Now in its 27th year, Global Youth Service Day (April 17-19, 2015) is the largest community service event in the world, and the only event dedicated to celebrating the contributions that young people make to their communities year-round.

Create Momentum in Your Network Marketing Downline

Try the Fast Track to Success Plan

By Dr. Joe Rubino

In building a successful network marketing business, massive action generates massive results. And there is no better time to get your new associates off to a good start in developing habits that will support their success than their first 30 days in the business.

Try this Fast Track to Success approach with your next enthusiastic new associate, and watch his or her business (and yours) take off like a rocket as a result.


Go Small and Go Home

Woman Trades Fashion Stylist Career to Become a Successful Home-Based Artisan Jam Purveyor

Liz Cowan had worked for 15 years as a sought-after fashion stylist in Los Angeles and in New York for the country’s top fashion publications such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and GQ, and for celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera.

Her latest enterprise is a wildly successful home-based empire of small-batch artisan jam at Three Little Figs in her return to Portland, Oregon. 

13 Tips for Thriving in a To-Do List-Dominated World

Take Back Your To-Do List and Become the CEO of Your Life

By Andy Core

As you go through life, you develop habits and routines that you think will help you succeed. The problem is, many of those patterns probably don’t work for you personally. But you can change habits and patterns that don’t serve you. 

Read on for a few CEO-worthy tactics that will help you start thriving immediately.


How To Price An Ebook

Amazon Vs. Kobo: Which Is Better For Price And Value?

By Kim Staflund

Last year, a major milestone was reached in the ebook industry: self-published authors began taking home the bulk of all author earnings generated on, eclipsing those represented by major traditional publishers.

There has never been more opportunity in human history to publish a book.  What’s an appropriate price point for an ebook?

Why You Shouldn't Go Cheap When Filing Taxes

Financial Expert Explains Why You Should Hire A Good CPA & Not Part-time Help; Offers Tips

It’s that time of year for part-time help at the local tax-preparation location, when drivers can see seasonal staff standing at busy intersections wearing costumes of the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam.

Gary Marriage offers tips as to why you should hire a skilled CPA instead of trusting in pop-up tax firms this tax season.



How to Spark Them Inside Your Company

By Dan Prosser, Expert Entrepreneur Coach 

What makes a company considered to be one of the THIRTEENERS—the 13 percent 
of companies that successfully execute their strategy—so different? According to 
Daniel F. Prosser, it's a powerful sense of connectedness.

connectedness happens through the conversations that take place every day.


Business Start-Up

Follow these Seven Guidelines

1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from

Product Reviews

The Art and Science of Becoming Happier, Managing Your Money wisely, and Creating a Secure Financial Future

By Donna Skeels Cygan

Not only is Donna Skeels Cygan, CFP®, MBA the owner of the financial advisory firm Sage Future Financial, LLC,, she has combined her professional expertise with groundbreaking psychological and neurological research to learn more about the roots of true happiness.

Success Stories

Mompreneur Makes Buckling Up Easier Than Ever With MyBuckleMate

By Home Business Magazine

It all started when mompreneur Meghan Khaitan's husband returned one day with their three kids and revealed, “They can’t buckle themselves!” After realizing that she and her husband couldn’t buckle up any better than they could, it got her thinking: Why not design a seat belt buckle holder that keeps floppy buckles propped up so kids could buckle up by themselves? With that, the idea of MyBuckleMate was born.


By Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance 

Each day, some of the world's largest companies take multimillion- and multibillion-dollar risks online — risks that could fatally harm their brand even though they don't realize it.


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