Interview with Actress Nikki Reed About Fresh Step's Catdance Film Festival

Home Business Magazine attends the Sundance 2015 Catdance Film Festival and chats with actress Nikki Reed about cat rescue, what inspired her to be an animal rights activitst, and more.

Celebs Attend The Creative Coalition's Teachers Making A Difference Luncheon At Sundance 2015

Home Business Magazine chats with Dancing With The Stars winner J.R. Martinez, Wings actor Tim Daly, and Emmy-winning actor John Leguizamo at The Creative Coalition's annual Teachers Making A Difference Luncheon, presented by Cross Pens.

Home Business Magazine & Top Entertainers Attend The 2015 Talent Resources Park City Luxury Lounge


Home Business Magazine attends the 2015 Talent Resources Park City Luxury Lounge and celebrates Sundance with entertainment stars Lil Jon, Louis Lombardi of The Sopranos, and The Maze Runner actor Ki Hong Lee.

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Life and business advice from the actress and producer, Drew Barrymore (photo courtesy of Rueters).

Interview with Drew Barrymore. On marriage and motherhood, important lessons she’s learned in life and in business, stressing around because of certain things, the biggest influence that her husband has had on her, and her movie Blended.

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Interview with Actress Charlize Theron

On Past Serious Roles, Going into the Unknown with Comedy, Playing a Version of Herself,  Being Grateful for her Life and Career
By The Interview Feed
Photo Credits: Reuters

Gritty, meaty roles made Charlize Theron a standout star in Hollywood, but her latest film is a toilet humor-strewn comedy western, A Million Ways To Die In The West. And, she tells Keeley Bolger in this interview, it's one of her best.

Franchise Wealth!

Start-Up, Operate, and Succeed in a Home-Based Franchise Business

By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine

When most people think about franchises, they picture restaurants or storefront businesses; however, a high percentage of franchises can be operated home-based, with operations being run from one’s home office and with direct services performed for customers with the use of a car, truck, van, and/or outside office.

Avoid the 7 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

Make a Careless, Short-Sighted, Ill-Conceived Move and Suffer the Perilous Consequences

While even the word “negotiation” can evoke fear, stress, and anxiety for many, the intent is quite simple: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal. Whether it’s a multimillion dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations. And, the negotiation process is a lot like a chess game where strategy reigns supreme — one thoughtfully considered move at a time.

Consumer Social Marketing: What’s In and What’s Out

Helping Small Businesses Market Directly to Consumers’ Needs

Believe it or not, consumers hit Twitter every day asking for advice or looking for a product or service. And with the right software, businesses can find the Tweets that directly relate to them, and, voila! Tweet back with information or an offer that directly responds to the request.

Find a Home-Based Business, Franchise or Opportunity for You

Home-Based Enterepreneur Quisha King Develops Innovative Product For Babies and Parents

Mom Inventor Provides an Innovative Teething Solution

No one understands baby products quite like Moms, and recognizing a problem can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit! When Quisha King’s first child was teething, she was always dropping her teething toy — at the grocery store, doctor’s office — everywhere! Out of frustration, Quisha went home and made for her by hand a teething toy that she couldn’t toss on the ground, and TeetherTops was born!



7 Guidelines for Engaging and Accommodating Your Older Staff

By: Ruth Crocker

Baby boomers make up about one-third of the U.S. workforce and for the first time in several generations, there are not enough younger workers to replace them. Key industries,  will be forced by labor shortages to rethink employee retention and how best to ensure health and safety by adjusting equipment and the work environment.

The following are guidelines for employers who want to maximize the working environment for their most valuable asset: the reliable, responsible, loyal, conscientious, co-operative, collaborative, wise older worker.

Business Start-Up

Dad Changes the Face of Kids’ Pajamas with Little Twig & Sparrow Product Line

As a father-of-three, entrepreneur Avi Newhouse was tired of all of the same-old cartoon, princess, and hero print kids’ pajamas that wore out after only a few washings. He set out and created Little Twig & Sparrow: exceptionally durable kids’ pajamas that exude modern style and extraordinary quality.

Internet Technology

By Jennifer Hutchison, Content Specialist

Whether a brand new bakery or a tech startup, sometimes knowing which app to invest in is the most difficult part of starting your own business. How do you know which tool is the right one for your business? We’ve compiled a few pieces of advice to help you cut to the chase and find the perfect cloud apps for your business. 


By: Walt Grassl

Ron was struggling with the challenges of getting his organization to perform at a high level. He had noticed that his coworker Susie consistently stayed within budget and not only met—but exceeded—her goals.

Susie mentioned that she had been taking improv comedy classes for a few years and not only were they a lot of fun, they helped her overcome her fear of speaking in public and make a bigger impact in meetings.

Susie explained to Ron five of the rules of improv and how following those rules helped her as a leader.



By Christine Vieira

As marketers, let’s face it — we’re impatient. We’re results-driven, and often, somewhere along the way that starts to translate to results demand.We don’t have time for anything that doesn’t show a positive ROI, right now.

We move from campaign to promotion to launch to campaign without always focusing on the big picture. How do all of these initiatives align? Do our customers really know what our brand is all about?

Evergreen influencer campaigns are a great way to optimize brand messaging and generate a loyal following of fans. Here's 5 reasons you should launch an evergreen influencer campaign right now. 


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