Alternative Way for College Students Sparks Business for Jonathan Simkin

    Man's Business is Becoming The Catalyst That Sparks More Affordable Textbook Buying

    By Home Business Magazine

    Jonathan (Jonny) Simkin is founder and CEO of SwoopThat LLC, a San Diego-based technology company that offers parents with college-bound students a free service which can save them up to 75-percent on the cost of college textbooks. A recent college graduate himself, Simkin brings a unique perspective to this growing, and sometimes burdensome, college expense.

    Jonathan (Jonny) Simkin’s company, SwoopThat LLC, provides course search technology and textbook price comparison for college students.

    Created as an alternative way to search for class books, the inspiration to create SwoopThat was based on Jonny’s own experience as a college student buying textbooks for his classes every semester. Visiting the campus bookstore and other stores to search for the books he needed took too much time, and searching online proved too costly. When he realized the high cost of textbooks was a national issue that prevented many students from attending school, Jonny decided to streamline the process and make it more efficient and cost-effective for college students everywhere.

    SwoopThat currently supports course information from 2,447 schools nationwide, making it a leading provider of course search technology and textbook price comparison in the nation. Students select their courses, and SwoopThat finds every book they need to buy as well as every online merchant that sells those books. SwoopThat’s algorithms help students find the cheapest places to buy all their books collectively, rather than one at a time. In addition to textbook purchases, SwoopThat helps students sell their books by searching online vendors for the highest buyback price.

    Presently, the business is promoted through fundraisers. Any organization or school club can create its own virtual bookstore from which they earn cash back. Such promotions are then shared with friends and family.

    Jonny is excited about his latest business venture started at home. As his own boss, he creates his own hours and works in a fun environment that requires no driving. More importantly, his idea has recently saved students and their families close to $500,000 on a $1,000 marketing budget!

    As a recent graduate, Jonny feels strongly that the textbook market needs major change, and plans to put more time and energy into his business in an effort to be the catalyst that sparks a new, more affordable way to buy textbooks. For more information, visit HBM V19-2 Add: 4/12 HP:2/27/13


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