Writers’ Guidelines for Editorial **

We appreciate any articles or concepts for articles that you would like to submit for consideration by HOME BUSINESS ® MAGAZINE (HBM). We rely on writers to keep HBM on the cutting-edge of home business editorial. HBM offers published writing opportunities for writers of all levels of experience.

Editorial Submissions: Guidelines for submission of articles/outlines of articles:
1. For completed articles, email the article pasted into an email.
2. For article concepts/ideas, email the concept, using a bullet format as much as possible.
3. Include your name, address, phone number, fax number (if available), and postal address on your emailed submission.
4. Email articles and article concepts to: editor@homebusinessmag.com
5. Page Length Word Counts (approximate): Articles are usually either one page (700 words), two pages (1200-1400 words) or three pages (2100 – 2300 words) in length. Page length word counts refer to just the body of an article and exclude word counts for resource boxes and sidebars.
6. Success Stories: Send us your home-based business/work-from-home Success Story. HBM devotes significant content each issue to success stories and profiles. These receive high readership from our audience.
7. Editing: HBM requires industry-standard flexibility to delete or add content to make articles fit space requirements as needed. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit submissions for publication due to space constraints, grammatical incorrectness, poor writing quality, lack of clarity, etc.
8. Sidebars: Multiple-page articles usually contain a sidebar.
9. Resource box: Include a 10-50 word author’s resource box with your article. 
10. Indicate any publishing requirements or fees, or restrictions, for your unsolicited submissions and queries. Omission of such will indicate you have none, and we will treat your unsolicited submissions and queries as such. All article submissions to HBM are deemed permission to print in full or part.
11. Resume: Although a past writing resume is not required, if available include your resume describing past writing experience and assignments, along with copies of or links to your past published work.
12. HBM receives numerous submissions, so it is not possible to respond back on status of submissions. HBM does review every submission received by email.

Writing Style: the following are notes on writing style of articles for HOME BUSINESS ® MAGAZINE (HBM):
1. Provide good, quality, "how-to" content. 
2. Try to keep paragraphs short, with headings for multiple paragraph(s).
3. Use headlines that catch people's eyes as they skim the editorial.
4. Bullets: “Bulletized” content is perfectly acceptable for magazine content.
5. Good grammar is a must! Have someone proof your work before submitting.
6. Editorial is expected to be "camera-ready" to drop into the magazine.
7. Use smooth-flowing syntax, parallel structure, and good sentence structure.
8. Minimize promotions of products, services or other people/figures in the industry. This degrades the perceived value of an editorial piece. Quotes from industry experts on the subject of an article are acceptable. Save any promotions for the resource box inserted at the end of the article.
9. Recommend key phrases/sentences to put in pull quote boxes within the article.
10. Be prepared for a potential need to cut content or to add content. Fast turn-around is needed for final editing. HBM usually handles, however, the last minute editing in-house.
11. If desired, provide recommendations for a graphical concept for the article. We can then research our stock photo libraries to see if something similar is available.
12. Please provide one high-resolution photo 300 x 300 dpi jpg file (8” x 10” minimum size) of the author, emailed to editor@homebusinessmag.com

Work-From-Home Success Stories:  HBM publishes large numbers of these stories each year. Success stories are designed to focus on a wide and diverse range of how people have found success operating businesses and working from home. The best stories are informative, provide specific details, and are inspirational. A very important point is that a Success stories cannot be an advertisement for a business or company (no advertorial). To be seriously considered by Home Business® Magazine, it must be of value to a reader, whether they have an interest in your product/service or not. Provide the following with a Success Story submission:
1. Graphics/Images: Send at least one high resolution graphic image (PDF, tiff, Jpeg format). Avoid “portrait-type” photos. Provide “action” photos that show the individual engaged in work or that somehow illustrates the business. DO NOT include promotional words in the image. Success stories must have a hi-res graphic image to be published. Note: images downloaded from web site images will not have enough resolution for print purposes.
2. A 400-word maximum smooth-flowing written narrative: Paste this into an email and send to editor@homebusinessmag.com. Cover these points the best you can:
* What inspired you to start your home-based business?
* What did you do prior to starting the business?
* Briefly describe your home-based business?
* How did you start-up and finance your business?
* How do you market your home-based business?
* Who are your customers?
* What do you consider your best business achievement?
* What are the primary advantages of working from home?
* Where do you see yourself with your home-based business in 3 years?

Internet/Online Publishing: HOME BUSINESS® Magazine assumes that it has full permission from writers of editorial published in the print version to also make this editorial available through various online mediums that are part of the Magazine's Internet presence. We assume that we have this permission from our writers unless immediately informed otherwise. Online mediums may include the magazine's web site; licensing agreements with third Party content providers; digital versions of the magazine, and other online mediums. These online publishing usages will also provide much greater exposure for our editorial writers. The print publishing world for magazines continues to evolve and change with the Internet, and HBM is working hard to keep up with these challenges.

International Versions of HBM: HOME BUSINESS® Magazine assumes that it has full permission from writers of editorial published in the print version to also publish and make available this editorial into any international versions of HBM that might be published, now or in the future.

Compensation: HOME BUSINESS ® Magazine generally monetarily compensates for editorial assignments it specifically assigns to writers. All other submissions selected for publication in a particular issue of HOME BUSINESS ® MAGAZINE are usually compensated in the way of the writers being given a 10-50 word resource box at the end of their articles to provide contact information and promote their products and services to readers of HOME BUSINESS ® MAGAZINE. These terms are open to negotiation on a case-by-case basis.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in editorial published in HBM are not necessarily the views shared by the editorial staff.

** HOME BUSINESS ® Magazine requires and assumes that all writers of editorial published in HBM have read these Writers’ Guidelines and agree with the terms and conditions contained herein.