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The American Dream is Not a Cliché

    The American Dream is Not a Cliché

    Latino Entrepreneur Proves Innovation and Determination Are Still Pathways to Success

    Just one year after coming to the United States from Brazil, Kelly Dantas is becoming a media powerhouse home-based business in New York, with an impressive list of awards for creating cutting-edge commercials on a budget. Her story is certain to inspire a wide audience: business leaders, would-be entrepreneurs, enterprising minorities, or more simply put, anyone aspiring to succeed in any endeavor.

          The 33-year old CEO of EasyUp Media Consulting was just honored with two Emerging Media Awards from Summit International, and organization devoted to firms with limited billings. Summit named her a “Leader” and “Innovator” for her computer animation and motion graphics marketing campaigns.

          This comes after Dantas was cited with six major MarCom awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals and five Ava awards, recognizing excellence in audio/visual production. She was also named “Market Revelation” at this year’s Latin America Awards (Los Premios Latinos) in New York.

          The accolades stem from her high tech, low budget radio and television ads for SDI Distributors Telecommunication, one of the largest calling card companies in the U.S. The campaign included marketing for “Black Phonecard”, “Thank You”, “I Love New York” and “My Friend” calling cards.

    Dantas is the quintessential example of the self-made home business owner. She didn’t complete her formal marketing education and dove into video production with no experience. What she lacked in practical knowledge, she made up for with perseverance.

    Dantas brought an award-winning reputation with her when she relocated from to White Plains New York. As founder of Life Candle in Brazil, she won the 2005 APAS Popai, one of the most important South American Awards (described as the “Oscar” for marketing exhibitions).

    She made the jump to video marketing when asked to do a television commercial. Although she’d never done one before, she says, “I decided to accept and have this new challenge in my life.”

    Dantas hopes others will hear about her success and take on new challenges of their own. She says, “You can do whatever you believe in. You only have to accept the challenge, work on it hard, and you will see how you end up improving your business and yourself.”

    Dantas is following her own advice, making plans to become a film producer. Given her success as a media consultant, the results are certain to be remarkable. For more information, contact Kelly Dantas, CEO, EasyUp Media Consulting, (914) 473-9316, White Plains-NY, HBM  V18-2 Add: 6/11 HP: 7/9/11



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