Business Start-Up

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    Start-Up Guide for launching a home-based business. Join the work-from-home revolution Today! Step-by-step advice on the key areas to make a new home business a success.

    Business Start-Up

    College Hot Sauce Experiment Becomes Small Business

    By Sherilyn Colleen

    How many people can turn a college hot sauce kit into a sustainable small business? It takes a rare type of person, but we know them as entrepreneurs.

    Luckily for all hot sauce lovers, RisingHy owner Mike Konefal never gave up on his dream.

    Business Start-Up

    History tells us that start-up businesses struggle from both lack of strategic planning and organization and being more reactionary than proactive. The following is a three-tier approach that entrepreneurs should follow when first starting out:

    Business Start-Up

    Five Key Issues to Watch Out and Plan For

    Before embarking on any home-based business, as a prudent business owner, you should first check whether there are any permitting requirements under the local zoning bylaws or ordinances in your community. Otherwise, failure to abide by zoning regulations and permit requirements could result in significant fines or an order to cease business operations, especially if the municipality discovers that you are operating a home-based business without proper approvals.

    Business Start-Up

    Woman Trades Fashion Stylist Career to Become a Successful Home-Based Artisan Jam Purveyor

    Liz Cowan had worked for 15 years as a sought-after fashion stylist in Los Angeles and in New York for the country’s top fashion publications such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and GQ, and for celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera.

    Her latest enterprise is a wildly successful home-based empire of small-batch artisan jam at Three Little Figs in her return to Portland, Oregon. 

    Business Start-Up

    Follow these Seven Guidelines

    1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from



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